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Join the celebration of Lucian womanhood

A not to be missed cultural and artistic showcase celebrating women presented by, for International Women’s Day.
she lc celebrates womanhood in all it's joy and pain celebrates womanhood in all it’s joy and pain!

Curator of Kentillia Louis has worked tirelessly over the past few months to bring the internal and varied insight of womanhood to the public.
Join on Tuesday March 22nd, from 7pm at the National Cultural Centre, to revel in the expressions of the Lucian woman through poetry, dance, theatre, music and art.

Using Twitter To Push You Music Career


In her book Cyper PR For Musicians: Tools, Tricks & Tactics For Building Your Social Media House, author Ariel Hyatt presents the amazing story of artist Amanda Palmer who in 2011 managed to raise $11,000 by tweeting that she was alone on a Friday night, when her tweet “I hereby call THE LOSERS OF FRIDAY NIGHT ON THEIR COMPUTERS to ORDER …” generated huge buzz and a host of interaction which lead to her designing a shirt about it on the spot that night, which she then put for sale as was able to sell 400 shirts in two hours at $25.00 each.  Click HERE to read Amanda’s retell of that night here, who knows it just may inspire you.

This amazing scenario brings to life what we as independent songwriters, musicians, composers and artists hear over and over—but maybe never fully appreciated till reading Amanda’s story—there is insurmountable…

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VII ILGA-LAC Conference – save the date!


Save the date – 7th ILGA-LAC Conference

Source: VII ILGA-LAC Conference – save the date!

Petition Submitted!


The petition for a Sex Offender Registry in Saint Lucia was submitted today to Honorable Alvina Reynolds, Minister of Health by our Communications Director, Mr. Norbert Williams.

Source: Petition Submitted!

Change Your Profile Pic in Support of the Registry


In honour of my mother, who provided the upbringing that has given me the strength to stand up for what is right, I join in calling for sex offenders registry in Saint Lucia. Whatever the format, we must begin somewhere to show our concern for our children and declare unequivocally that we stand against sexual abuse, most particularly against children! Government of Saint Lucia what is your response to the petition by Zandoli International Foundation Caribbean? This is not a political issue, this is about the protection of our women and children. Let’s start to work out how this will work, our children cannot wait. SayNO – UNiTE to End Violence Against Women!

Zandoli USA


Today we received confirmation from the Health Minister, Hon. Alvina Reynolds that she will receive, on Monday March 7th. 2016, our petition for a Sex Offender Registry.
Our logo for the “We Want To Know” campaign which we started a year ago has now changed to the one attached here: “We Still Want To Know”
We would like all in favour of a sex offender registry to show your support by changing your profile picture to this new logo. It will let everyone know you support our cause and very likely give courage to a victim to come out with their story.
We have spoken about it for years. The time to come together is now!!

Director of Communications – Norbert Williams


What is the Caribbean Committee Against Sex Crimes

CCASC 5-Point Prospectus

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