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A Disconnect, and Goodbye: Our Journey With Flow Has Ended


Flow must go?? Reflections that could (almost) have been written by yours truly

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It was a bright sunny Monday morning, and I got up with plans for completing one article and writing a blog post in my mind. I had deadlines to meet. You see, I plan my days around writing. It is not only my favorite occupation, my raison d’être. It also provides me with a modest income, to supplement our fixed-income pensions. I actually depend upon the Internet, in so many different ways.

We had arranged for a technician to come and change our cable package to a smaller and cheaper one that morning. He was to come to the house between 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon, but arrived after 12 (oh, why was this not surprising?) What was surprising, however, was that the technician came armed with a fancy new modem and lots of impressive-looking cables and wires. I had to stop writing while he replaced our modem with a…

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