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Water Crisis Shopping List – Emergency 101


WATER. If you haven’t bought bottled water yet I’m sorry, it becomes scarcer every day. Put out a bucket/drum to catch some rain water for use in baths, toilets, etc.

BLEACH. Use liberally in drinking water, bath water, dirty toilets, floors, countertops, bathrooms, dishwashing – It’s practically a cure all. Please don’t overdo, it’s a hazardous substance.

WET WIPES. Baby wipes, feminine wipes, make-up removing wipes. They can save you a lot of water. But don’t use the movie ‘Book of Eli’ as your guide; please use more than one wipe to clean your body – please.

HAND SANITIZER. Another water saver. Walk everywhere with one on you. With water scarce some people won’t even bother to wash their hands.

FEBREEZE. It may be a while before you can wash your clothes, bed sheets, etc. If they’re not too soiled a bit of Febreeze can work wonders. Also of great help for those who had to dry out mattresses, pillows, rugs etc. after the hurricane.

DISPOSABLE DISHES/UTENSILS. Preferably cardboard, not plastic, plates and cups. Plastic spoons. Knives and forks are not necessary; just more garbage to pile up when garbage collection is already uncertain. Use your hands.

UNDERWEAR. A whole new wardrobe is one way to ensure you have clean clothing but for those who can’t afford it at least get a few new boxers, some bras and panties, panties, panties. Take no chances.

DRY SHAMPOO. Shampoo hair with a bowll of water? Yes you can. Usually used by those with locks/braids, dry shampoo comes in handy in a drought. ind it in the hair product aisle.

Additional Tips

Don’t sweat. The harder you work, the more you sweat, the more you smell, the harder it is to get clean, and wipes are just not adequate in those instances. You need bleach water and that’s already scarce.

Recycle your water. Dish washing and bath water can be reused for flushing toilets or cleaning outside.

Sanitise garbage. With collection suspended garbage will pile up in your house. Double up bags if possible. Bleach bags or use insect spray on outside of bags to help reduce the smell and insect invasion.

There’s no shortcut for brushing your teeth/tongue. Just do it.

NB: drinking beer and alcohol does not help save water. Bathing together does not help save water. Please refrain from using these methods.

Please send in any additional tips you may have. They will be appreciated.