Monthly Archives: April 2009


I am doing an ASHTON. Yes, as St. Lucia’s Deputy Prime Minister Montoute, toutes the excellence of ICT in Saint Lucia I will test my island’s immersion in information and communiction technology. I’ve created a Twitter account in order to meet the 2009 St. Lucia Jazz challenge issued by Digicel and accumulate 200 followers on Twitter by May 05.

So will I go as far as reverting to Ashton Kutcher’s very basic, and yes somewhat childish, scheme and “ding dong dash”  Digicel Country Manager Keigan Cox or PR Manager Jerry George? Only one way to find out…join me on Twitter!

Oh, and if I do get enough followers, I just might need a camera person. So if you would like to volunteer…..

Hello world!


If ever there was a time to blog it is now. Economies are crumbling, new pandemics appearing and conspiracy theories are exploding. Why not join the fray. If  one cannot be a voice of reason; a good example; then at least one can be a caution.  

so at least to let others know what NOT to post on the internet – here goes!