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How the Caribbean ‘one ring scam’ can cost you money


Don’t call back unknown numbers! Another phone scam exposed

Repeating Islands


When your phone rings and you miss the call, do you call back to see who it was?

Con artists know a lot of us will do that, and they’re using this curiosity factor to cram unauthorized charges onto people’s phone bills, CNBC reports.

The Better Business Bureau recently issued a fraud alert for the “one ring scam” after being contacted by people all across the country. Here’s how it works.

The scammers use automatic dialers to randomly call phone numbers. After the first ring, they disconnect. The bad guys hope you’ll see that number in your missed call log and be curious enough to return it.

Make that call and they’ve got you.

You’ll be connected to an expensive international hotline—usually an “adult entertainment” service—that charges as much as $19.95 as soon as you connect. There may also be a sizable per-minute fee. Those costs typically show up on…

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People’s Choice: Kenita Placide

People’s Choice: Kenita Placide

Signs of progress towards equality in Saint Lucia?

Dee Lundy-Charles

The STAR People’s Choice Person Of The Year 2013 [Online Poll conducted throughout January]

By Dee Lundy-Charles [Published Feb 5th, 2014]

What would be the implication for, or interpretation of, Kenita Placide winning that poll? Just asking!” was one of the early comments to be posted on the STAR website poll for the People’s Choice Person of the Year. It came from one of island’s most opinionated, cyber-garrulous Facebook-pinez, but I thought it was a fair enough question. One response very concisely stated and captured the type of evolving attitudes we need to see more of in Saint Lucia, the most succinct of them being: “I hope it would be an indication to the wider community that she is not alone in the causes for which she advocates.”

Simple but so very important in a region where many countries wouldn’t even entertain including an gender rights advocate like Kenita Placide…

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