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Auditions Announced for 2013 Carnival Queen Pageant


2012 Carnival Queen, Janelle Desir

The Select Committee of Stakeholders and the National Carnival Queen Pageant Committee announce auditions for the 2013 National Carnival Queen Pageant.

Representatives from the 2012 Anse la Raye, Vieux Fort and Gros Islet pageants have already secured their place in the National Pageant this year. Auditions will be held on March 17th  2013 in the following segments:

  • Talent
  • Swimsuit
  • Evening wear
  • Interview

The deadline for registration is March 1st, 2013. Application forms can be obtained at the Cultural Development Foundation, or from the Select Committee of Stakeholders, or the Facebook page ‘Lucian National Carnival Queen Pageant’. For more information please contact Mrs R. Henry-Wynne and Mrs B Duboulay at the CDF at 4537385.


Lucian Carnival 2013 is slated for July 15 & 16 with the Calendar of Activities of main events scheduled to begin on June 28, 2013

For further information:

Kentillia Louis – PRO –National Carnival Queen Pageant Committee – Tel: 722-1677

Caron Tobiere – Administration – Select Committee of Stakeholders for Carnival -Tel: 720 1085

CDF Promises a Rebranded, Repositioned National Arts Festival

National Arts Festival 2013 Logo

“Our unique signature on the world”

Castries, February 14th, 2013; Ahead of the official gala unveiling of a revamped annual National Arts Festival, the Cultural Development Foundation (CDF) has unveiled plans for the hosting of a re-engineered Festival product from this year, 2013.

Reflecting an “outreach” theme, the National Arts Festival boasts island-wide venues across a seven week long season spanning February 20 to April 07.   This is an early output of an ongoing process of strategic visioning, with the mandate of the growth and development of the creative industries as its core driver.

Another important development from this strategic planning process is the formulation of a nexus between the National Arts Festival and the just rebranded Saint Jazz and Arts Festival.

According to Petrus Compton, Chairman of the Cultural Development Foundation, CDF’s quest is to organize and mobilize the Creative Arts sector to be able to realize its obvious economic potential. Thus, creating such a relationship with Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival is a logical next step.

“This alignment links the two agendas very practically, so that the requirements of one facilitate the transformation of the other. In other words this alignment addresses the problem of quality standards, access to and capacity to service markets, and indeed game changing industry considerations at the level of our Creative suppliers through the clearinghouse of Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts”, Mr. Compton said.

Executive Director of CDF Kennedy “Boots” Samuel unveiled the expanded scope and scale, with the communities of  Babonneau, Gros Islet, Ti Rocher Micoud, Vieux Fort, Laborie, Canaries, Anse La Raye, Soufriere, Choiseul and Castries as major festival touchpoints. In some instances, these events will cater to both present and virtual audiences, through the use of multi-media, and ICT enablement. Samuel said this approach anticipate both economic and social outcomes.

“CDF is in facilitation mode, taking the lead in creating an enabling environment for growth at the sectoral level, through mobilization of artistic communities, through capacity building and training workshops, through the marketing of original works, the fostering of linkages and a strong public awareness focus,” reported the Executive Director.

The festival programme  will  include seven mini-community festivals, a three-day multigenre festival weekend in Castries, an artisan open market in downtown Castries, a Visual Arts expo in the north of the island, master class workshop and the incorporation of preexisting cultural experiences which will be branded and enriched as additional highlights.


We have far to go. As Saint Lucia celebrates its 34th anniversary of independence on February 22, 2013, it begs the question “how independent are we? Among other things our positions on other nations, are still a reflection of our colonisers. One of the many themes we need to re-examine from a more independent point of view.

Repeating Islands


Samuel Moncada, the Ambassador of Venezuela to the United Kingdom since 2007, argues for a look at the achievements of Hugo Chávez’s presidency of Venezuela in this article for Time/CNN.

Reading the international press, one would be forgiven for thinking that Venezuela is on the verge of collapse.

Over the past decade, all sorts of predictions have been made, ranging from catastrophic election defeats to the implosion of the Venezuelan economy. But the fact these predictions have failed to materialize has not deterred many of Venezuela’s most fervent critics in their quest to engineer a constant and misleading narrative of impending disaster.

More: Chavez returns after Cuba cancer treatment

The reality is that ever since President Hugo Chavez was first elected, Venezuela has defied these negative predictions and brought unprecedented social progress to the country over the last 14 years. Since 2004 poverty has been reduced by half and

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COX Presents the Greatest Independence Day Trip

Day Trip to Martinique

L’Express Independence 2013 Day Trip to Martinique

Call to Artistes: 2013 National Arts Festival


Castries, Saint Lucia. The Cultural Development Foundation (CDF) announced today that it has decided to extend the period for submission of participation registration in respect of the call for all visual and performing artists, producers, individuals, groups, and any other interested persons in communities around Saint Lucia, to participate in the 2013 National Arts Festival.
The new deadline has been set for Thursday, 31 January 2013 (which will become the “Registration Deadline” for the purposes of the Invitation). In addition, the CDF also hereby announces that the deadline date for the submission of works in the Visual Arts and Literary Arts pursuant to the Invitation to participate in the National Arts Festival is Tuesday, 19 February 2013.
The 2013 National Arts Festival is expected to raise the bar significantly in national participation as performances, exhibitions and presentations will be staged in selected strategic communities around Saint Lucia and not centralized solely in Castries as was done in previous years. The anticipated outcome is a more genuinely national festival that exposes more artists and reaches more audiences and participants across the nation. Another new significant feature in 2013 will be the inclusion of a special programme of training and development Master Classes in selected genres of the arts. This is expected to have an immediate and longer term impact on the technical quality of productions from our artists. An awards night will be held at the end of the festival to recognize the outstanding contributions in the 2013 festival.
The CDF is inviting all individuals, groups and organizations, citizens and residents; amateurs and professionals; living at home or abroad, who are interested in performing, presenting or exhibiting in the 2013 National Arts Festival to apply to the CDF by email, traditional mail or telephone with information on your interest. The information on your intended participation should include the artistic genre you wish to participate in, and any known details on the nature of your submission (e.g size, length, theme, cast etc.). The CDF would also like to know about any technical assistance which may be required to enhance the quality of your submission.
Apply with your art or cultural project for participation in the 2013 National Arts Festival. Application forms are available at the offices of the Cultural Development Foundation or on our website Submissions and applications should be made to:
National Arts Festival Committee,
Cultural Development Foundation,
Barnard Hill,
Box CP 5405,
Castries, Saint Lucia.