WROC Says High Number of Illegal Abortions Begs Public Attention

WROC Says High Number of Illegal Abortions Begs Public Attention

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As I mentioned in my blog a few days ago, I am glad that Health Minister Christopher Tufton has decided to address, in a thoughtful and holistic way, the issue of abortion – one that, for various reasons has been repeatedly swept under the carpet in this country. I am thankful too that the issue was raised a few days ago in the Gleaner newspaper. 

It is noteworthy that Jamaica failed to achieve the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) #4 and #5 (infant mortality and maternal health, respectively) in 2015. The UNDP noted a major increase in maternal deaths from “indirect causes,” including unsafe abortions. One hopes and expects that the Partnership for the Promotion of Patients’ Rights in Maternal, Neonatal and Infant Health in Jamaica (PROMAC) – a Jamaican Government/European Union project – will make a difference. I would like to hear more about this programme.

This is the…

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Zandoli begins 1st batch of “Free STEM Education”


Source: Zandoli begins 1st batch of “Free STEM Education”

National Students’ Council calls for support for student in #BlackmailFriday controversy

National Students’ Council calls for support for student in #BlackmailFriday controversy

(Castries, Saint Lucia, Tuesday 24th January, 2017)
The National Students’ Council is an advocacy group aimed at strengthening the voice of students island-wide while ensuring that the right programs are available to look after student welfare and development. It is in regards to this that the NSC is very taken aback by recent developments involving the Minister of Finance and student of the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College. As a body which serves to bridge a divide between government and students, can we not expect a better example from our leaders?

In a time where there is an evident search for identity, young persons must  have sound role models to lead them in savory directions. Regardless the situation Students deserve their peers and government to support them emotionally  as opposed  to  further  tearing  them down. Hence the NSC calls for government services to aim at providing  support and guidance to the student in this time of evident need.

In recent months the use of social media to embarrass and disgrace young persons has become a rampant trend with an ever expanding range of victims. We can only hope and pray that the life of this young woman will not be greatly affected by the negative attention this unfortunate situation may attract. The NSC urges the public and fellow students to refrain from further hurtful remarks about the student as we would not want them for ourselves. If we as students and young people do not decide on our own, to elevate our thinking and our mindsets, we become simply statistics, destined only to the harsh realities of society. We need to continually embody the change we wish to see in order to inspire change from those who observe us. This is not a call only for peace or justice, it has become a call for lives and change. If we are a kingdom divided against ourself how can we stand?

Our hearts go out to the families of the individuals implicated who themselves have been the subject of ridicule. We urge students, leaders and all Saint Lucians to rise above our circumstance and accept the challenge to change.

Keyanna Marcellin
Public Relations Officer,
Saint Lucia National Students’ council
1 (758) 713-8815

(Photo courtesy of the Saint Lucis Star Newspaper)

Educative Arts Fest coming to Saint Lucia


Save the date….

3rd Caribbean Educative Arts Festival October 14th to 17th 2016 Saint Lucia Title: reparARTory Call for presentations There is arguably no major global discussion today that engages and emboldens the Caribbean as the Caribbean reparations movement. Not only does history remember the region as the dislocated home of the children of the victims of enslavement, […]

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Sodom, Gomorrah and 2 faiths’ fear of same-sex love


Fear illiteracy and misinterpretation of Biblical text…..

Pernicious traditional interpretations of the Biblical and Quranic story of Sodom and Gomorrah underlie much of the world’s homophobia. Brian Whitaker, former Middle East editor of the Guardi…

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10 Beauty Gift Ideas For Father’s Day

10 Beauty Gift Ideas For Father’s Day

#FathersDay shopping – 10 last minute gift ideas

Skin Deep St. Lucia

man scrub Dad’s love beauty too!

Last minute Shopping? Father’s day is here again and a lot of you are in a bind, trying to select the perfect gift for that special man in your life.(men say they are simple but we all know that’s a lie) Doesn’t it seem that every year buying a Father’s Day gift gets harder and harder? Especially in St. Lucia where options are very limited.

Because of this I went out and selected a list of top 10 beauty items men would love to have but will not ask for and where to find them in St. Lucia.  I hope it helps and you select the most awesome Fathers Day gift. And the best part is they are all affordable!

face basket Idea on how to put facial basket together.

  1. Goody basket of facial products.

Not many people think of putting a gift basket together of facial products…

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Close call as Saint Lucians vote today

Close call as Saint Lucians vote today

Will the undecideds decide St. Lucia election 2016?

After just 14 days of campaigning, Saint Lucians will take to the polls today to select a new government. The Electoral Department has indicated that 160, 465 people are eligible to cast ballots at 430 polling stations in the June 6, 2016 General Election.

Thirty-Nine (39) candidates will vie for seventeen (17) seats  in the island’s 17th election since Independence in 1979. The major political parties, The United Workers Party and the Saint Lucia Labour Party, each have a history of winning eight national elections.

List of candidates 2016 elections

List of candidates in Saint Lucia’s 2016 general election

This election is generally accepted as being too close to call following disputed surveys by Peter Wickham of Caribbean Development Research Services (CADRES) and Don Anderson.

Voter turn-out is expected to be moderate with inclement weather being a factor, despite campaigning that saw the country ablaze with colour and aloud with exhortations to vote on the last day before the official poll.  There has been indication of a high level of undecideds who could influence projections thus far. Independents election 2016SLP Slate 2016UWP slate 2016

Advanced polling was held on June 3 for Fire Service Personnel, Police Officers and for the the first time Correctional Officers at designated polling stations around the island. There was also an effort to arrange for clients and patients of institutions such as Victoria and St. Jude’s hospitals, St. Lucy’s and Comfort Bay Homes to vote.

Polling stations open at 6:30am and close at 6pm today.

Choice Television will provide full election coverage and comprehensive analysis throughout the day. Watch at home or on the go by accessing the livestream here – Choice TV39 livestream.

The full list of candidates, voters, polling stations and other official election information is available here at the Electoral Department website.


Carnival is woman. What if women refused to show up for carnival?


Carnivals, dubs, fetes…are grossly hostile and violent to women.  These are value producing, income generating activities from which men disproportionately benefit and where women are collectively unsafe.


I have written previously about being a 16-year-old girl at a school fair when a grown-ass man burnt me with his cigarette because I refused to dance with him. I my teens I watched the colour drain…

Source: Carnival is woman. What if women refused to show up for carnival?



Deadline extended to May 31st.
Four positions available in the eastern Caribbean
Vision: An empowered eastern Caribbean that promotes a culture of human rights, equality, justice and respect for all people.
Positions sought:
* Director of Advocacy and Programs
* Communication
* Finance Manager
* Program Officer

St. Lucia News & Press Releases

Eastern Caribbean Alliance for Diversity and Equality (ECADE)
Massade, Gros Islet, Saint Lucia


ECADE will serve as a eastern Caribbean hub to provide technical and financial support to the strategies of member organizations including:
Rationalization of governance and legal issues
Stakeholder training
Capacity building of key populations and sectors
Policy advocacy
Media advocacy

Mission: To strengthen regional capacity for the defense and realization of full recognition of human rights related to SOGIEI (sexual orientation, gender identity and expression and intersex) through training, network expansion, development of grassroots HRDs and organizations and sensitization of policy makers, legislators, government and service providers.

Vision:  An empowered Eastern Caribbean that promotes a culture of human rights, equality, justice and respect for all people.
Positions sought:
* Director of Advocacy and Programs
* Communication
* Finance Manager
* Program Officer

Eastern Caribbean, with some travel required

Commensurate with qualifications and…

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Join the celebration of Lucian womanhood

A not to be missed cultural and artistic showcase celebrating women presented by she.lc, for International Women’s Day.
she lc celebrates womanhood in all it's joy and pain

she.lc celebrates womanhood in all it’s joy and pain!

Curator of she.lc Kentillia Louis has worked tirelessly over the past few months to bring the internal and varied insight of womanhood to the public.
Join she.lc on Tuesday March 22nd, from 7pm at the National Cultural Centre, to revel in the expressions of the Lucian woman through poetry, dance, theatre, music and art.