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Deep Water


 Deep water indeed, as Modest Mouse debutes its Heath Ledger directed video “King Mouse”. Freakish names aside, the video is a worthwhile, though chilling, commentary on human beings use and abuse of other living things that share the planet with us.

It's a seal's world in Modest Mouse's King Rat video

It's a seal's world in Modest Mouse's King Rat video

Watch this scarily gruesome video and you may never see fishing quite the same again.

FLESH STICKS ANYONE? This may be enough to make you vegetarian or vegan.

The skin and blood animation is definitely too much for young American vegan Jasmine Messiah, who took her fight to have more options for school lunches right to the top with school feeding posters referencing President Obama’s daughters. Instead of referring to first daughters Sasha and Malia, the US Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine might consider sponsoring this video instead.

Rolling Stone has an excellen background piece on the video at

The video is also available on Launchcast Yahoo Music.