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King Lear Cast Greeted by CDF, SLTB


Castries August 20th, 2013; The arrival of the cast and crew of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre’s production of “King Lear” was met with much fanfare this past Monday. Representatives of the Cultural Development Foundation and The Saint Lucia Tourist Board, as well as a large number of local media personnel converged on the Hewanorra International Airport to welcome the British thespians to what will be the final location of an expansive tour that has covered much of Europe and the UK.
At a press conference held on site, the Chairman of the CDF, Mr. Petrus Compton, spoke on the significance of “King Lear,” “I have been asked numerous times of the cultural significance of King Lear. King Lear in Saint Lucia means locals involved in a number of aspects of the creative industries will have the unparalleled opportunity to learn from this world class group of actors and directors. It means that in the very near future, we may be able to tout not only Joseph Marcel as a noted Saint Lucian thespian. King Lear in Saint Lucia means, in short, growth.”
Speaking on behalf of the SLTB, Public Relations Manager John Emmanuel echoed Mr. Compton’s sentiments of the potential for growth held within the hosting of international scale productions “This year, we couldn’t advertise and say please come to “O, Starry Night” or come to “King Lear”, but the possibilities are infinite for coming years. We now have another viable resource to market alongside our world class hospitality and distinguishing features like the Pitons. We can now say come to Saint Lucia and enjoy world class theatre, and that is huge! Nowhere else in the region is staging offerings like this.”
Joseph Marcel, noted Saint Lucia thespian and lead in the production spoke on the excitement of performing for audiences in his homeland, where until this juncture he has never performed, remarking in creole ”You know, many people leave Saint Lucia and go to America, or Canada or the UK, but they always think of home fondly. I am home.”
King Lear kicks off its 4 engagement run in Saint Lucia on August 21st at Fond D’Or Nature Reserve, with subsequent shows at the Gaiety on Rodney Bay on August 23rd and 24th. Tickets are available at The Cell outlets island wide and at Sunshine Bookshop in Rodney Bay.

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Establishing A National Vision Commission


GOSL Coat of armsPrime Minister, Dr. Kenny D. Anthony has written to the Leader of the Opposition to invite him to submit two (2) nominees, who can serve on the proposed National Vision Commission.

The announcement of the formation of a National Vision Commission was made by Her Excellency, the Governor General during her Throne Speech 2013/2014. Subsequently, by Conclusion No. 152 of March 25, 2013, Cabinet agreed to establish this National Vision Commission.  Accordingly, Cabinet agreed as follows:

“The Commission shall comprise a Chairperson plus eleven (11) persons, who will be selected as indicated below:

(a)  Three (3) persons nominated by the Honourable Prime Minister; 

(b)  Two (2) persons nominated by the Honourable Leader of the Opposition;

(c)   Two (2)  persons nominated by Her Excellency the Governor General after consultation with the Prime Minister;

(d)  Four (4) persons nominated by various civil society organizations, mindful of the need to ensure adequate representation of the Private Sector, Youth, the Labour Movement and the Religious Sector; and

(e)   The Chairperson shall be appointed by the Prime Minister after consultation with the Leader of the Opposition.”

The Commission, which shall be for a two year term shall focus on the following critical outcomes and deliverables:

(1)  Mounting a national dialogue through a process of discussion, consultation and consensus building that engages the broadest spectrum of Saint Lucian society;

(2)  The articulation of a national vision:  an expression of a future Saint Lucia   embracing individual, community and collective aspirations, and which  inspires, engages and coheres the population in the process of moving Saint Lucia sustainably forward as a nation; and

(3)   The formulation of a National Strategy:  a framework of strategic initiatives of highest priority to bring about the National Vision.”

The Commission will take into consideration the work undertaken and accomplished during the tenure of former administrations through the Department of National Development.


Police Give Facts on the Shooting of Mandy Louisy


While it is not the policy of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force to publicly comment on matters which have the potential to be the subject of judicial proceedings, we none the less, especially in view of the misinformed statements being made, wish to clarify certain aspects of the matter involving 31 year old Mandy Louisy of Chassin, Babonneau.

The facts of the matter are as follows;police line

On Friday 9 August 2013 about 12:30am, plain clothed officers attached to the Babonneau Police Station were on patrol in the Chassin area when en route they noted a suspicious looking male individual wearing dark clothes with a “hoodie”. He also had his hands in his pockets. The officers approached the young man like they would any other in a similar situation. The individual was not known to the police.

The officers, stopped the individual, identified themselves to him and thereafter attempted to carry out a search of his person. The individual resisted and in the course of that resistance brandished a knife in a menacing manner at the officers.

While attempting to disarm this individual, a struggle ensued during which one officer discharged a single gunshot hitting him in the upper part of his body. That individual was immediately transported to Victoria Hospital where he was admitted in a critical condition. He subsequently succumbed to his injuries about 11:00 am.

That individual was subsequently identified as Mandy Louisy of Chassin, Babonneau.

The round discharged entered Mr. Louisy’s body from the front.

Whilst the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force understands the family’s and indeed the public’s concern and need to get the facts behind what transpired, such concerns ought not to be expressed in a manner that is contrary to what happened.

The police have followed proper protocol in the investigation of this matter to which end, a post mortem examination has been undertaken and the results transmitted to both the police and members of the decease’s family.

It is of course improper for the police to make public the contents of this report but as stated earlier, members of the family are in possession of the documents and are therefore fully aware of the their contents.

Investigations are continuing into the matter.


Gov’t Committed to Castries Re-Development Project

Freewinds cruiseship in Port Castries

Freewinds cruiseship in Port Castries

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure, Port Services & Transport, Philip J. Pierre, has indicated that the Government of Saint Lucia is fully committed to the re-development of Port Castries with the view of transforming it into a modern shopping plaza for cruise passengers, visitors and locals.
At a meeting held on March 04, 2013 the Cabinet of the Government of Saint Lucia issued guidance to the Saint Lucia Air & Sea Ports Authority (SLASPA) to allow for further discussions on the matter with Royal Caribbean International (R.C.I.) as it relates to the agreement with the Government.
It must be noted that the United Workers Party (U.W.P.) Government had failed to comply with a number of issues in the agreement and thus making the agreement invalid.
Further, the Government of Saint Lucia Labour Party insisted and indicated to R.C.I. its unwillingness to proceed with the company Asphalt & Mining as a partner in the re-development of Port Castries.
Recent discussions with R.C.I. has indicated that they are presently holding discussions with a potential partner who has indicated an interest and submitted documentation to allow for a full due diligence of the proposed partner.
Government has instructed SLASPA to provide a timeline to R.C.I to finalize discussions with the new partner and to proceed with discussions with other potential partners if that deadline is not forthcoming.
The Government of the Saint Lucia continues to work with SLASPA to move the project forward but will only endorse a reputable partner.