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National Students’ Council calls for support for student in #BlackmailFriday controversy

National Students’ Council calls for support for student in #BlackmailFriday controversy

(Castries, Saint Lucia, Tuesday 24th January, 2017)
The National Students’ Council is an advocacy group aimed at strengthening the voice of students island-wide while ensuring that the right programs are available to look after student welfare and development. It is in regards to this that the NSC is very taken aback by recent developments involving the Minister of Finance and student of the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College. As a body which serves to bridge a divide between government and students, can we not expect a better example from our leaders?

In a time where there is an evident search for identity, young persons must  have sound role models to lead them in savory directions. Regardless the situation Students deserve their peers and government to support them emotionally  as opposed  to  further  tearing  them down. Hence the NSC calls for government services to aim at providing  support and guidance to the student in this time of evident need.

In recent months the use of social media to embarrass and disgrace young persons has become a rampant trend with an ever expanding range of victims. We can only hope and pray that the life of this young woman will not be greatly affected by the negative attention this unfortunate situation may attract. The NSC urges the public and fellow students to refrain from further hurtful remarks about the student as we would not want them for ourselves. If we as students and young people do not decide on our own, to elevate our thinking and our mindsets, we become simply statistics, destined only to the harsh realities of society. We need to continually embody the change we wish to see in order to inspire change from those who observe us. This is not a call only for peace or justice, it has become a call for lives and change. If we are a kingdom divided against ourself how can we stand?

Our hearts go out to the families of the individuals implicated who themselves have been the subject of ridicule. We urge students, leaders and all Saint Lucians to rise above our circumstance and accept the challenge to change.

Keyanna Marcellin
Public Relations Officer,
Saint Lucia National Students’ council
1 (758) 713-8815

(Photo courtesy of the Saint Lucis Star Newspaper)

Close call as Saint Lucians vote today

Close call as Saint Lucians vote today

Will the undecideds decide St. Lucia election 2016?

After just 14 days of campaigning, Saint Lucians will take to the polls today to select a new government. The Electoral Department has indicated that 160, 465 people are eligible to cast ballots at 430 polling stations in the June 6, 2016 General Election.

Thirty-Nine (39) candidates will vie for seventeen (17) seats  in the island’s 17th election since Independence in 1979. The major political parties, The United Workers Party and the Saint Lucia Labour Party, each have a history of winning eight national elections.

List of candidates 2016 elections

List of candidates in Saint Lucia’s 2016 general election

This election is generally accepted as being too close to call following disputed surveys by Peter Wickham of Caribbean Development Research Services (CADRES) and Don Anderson.

Voter turn-out is expected to be moderate with inclement weather being a factor, despite campaigning that saw the country ablaze with colour and aloud with exhortations to vote on the last day before the official poll.  There has been indication of a high level of undecideds who could influence projections thus far. Independents election 2016SLP Slate 2016UWP slate 2016

Advanced polling was held on June 3 for Fire Service Personnel, Police Officers and for the the first time Correctional Officers at designated polling stations around the island. There was also an effort to arrange for clients and patients of institutions such as Victoria and St. Jude’s hospitals, St. Lucy’s and Comfort Bay Homes to vote.

Polling stations open at 6:30am and close at 6pm today.

Choice Television will provide full election coverage and comprehensive analysis throughout the day. Watch at home or on the go by accessing the livestream here – Choice TV39 livestream.

The full list of candidates, voters, polling stations and other official election information is available here at the Electoral Department website.


Petition Submitted!


The petition for a Sex Offender Registry in Saint Lucia was submitted today to Honorable Alvina Reynolds, Minister of Health by our Communications Director, Mr. Norbert Williams.

Source: Petition Submitted!

Protest March on Hold


The Chakadan Daniel Planning and Organizing Committee have taken the decision to observe a “tactical retreat” with respect to the staging of the peaceful Silent March and Mini Rally in memory of Chakadan Daniel. The Committee considers the late formal approval by the Police for the planned event disrespectful and has severely compromised its organizational efforts towards the staging of the peaceful Silent March and Mini Rally.
The committee notes the following:

Chakadan Daniel

Chakadan Daniel

1. That two individuals (which included the Mother of Chakadan who is a member of the Committee) dispatched to collect the necessary approval from Police Headquarters at Chesterfield were (as late as 2:50 pm) unable to secure the required document.
2. That following a combination of phone calls to the hierarchy of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force and a visit by a member of the Committee to the Ministry responsible between the hours of 2:52 pm and 3:34 pm there was verbal indication (via telephone) that approval was granted. These indications were provided first by the DCP Responsible for Operations and Crime at 3:47 pm and the Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Home Affairs and National Security at 4:10 pm. The actual envelope containing the approval was eventually collected from Police Headquarters at Chesterfield at approximately 4:40 pm.
Given the delay in approval from the Police for the staging of the peaceful Silent March and Mini Rally, the Committee has taken the decision to observe a “tactical retreat” and as such will not go ahead with the staging of the planned event. The Committee will examine its options in the month of January next and determine a new approach towards representing the concerns for justice in the Chakadan Daniel case.
Finally the committee expresses its dissatisfaction with the fact it has had to combat systemic obstacles which has negatively impacted its ability to conduct this event despite its determined efforts and the rights and guarantees enshrined in the UN Declaration of Human Rights and the Constitution of Saint Lucia. We will nonetheless continue our crusade in the pursuit of justice in this case. The committee thanks all sources of support to date at the local and regional levels. We look forward to working with other citizens/families who have been similarly affected and who share concerns for the upkeep and preservation of human rights in Saint Lucia. This includes the police who we expect to take full advantage in the future of opportunities to act in good faith and to demonstrate goodwill as a matter of principle and integrity.

22-year old Chakadan Daniel of Micoud, was reportedly found dead while in custody at the Micoud Police Station on Wednesday, October 23. Police announced that Daniel was found hanging from his cell after he had been arrested two days prior for escaping lawful custody, assaulting a police officer and damaging property. His death was labelled “A grave human rights violation”, amidst accusations of police brutality from his family and community.

Police and LIME Team Up for Road Safety


LIME has joined forces with the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force in a historic collaboration that is helping the Traffic Department transform its operations with the help of LIME’s 4G mobile data network.
Armed with technology provided by Saint Lucia and the Caribbean’s only fully integrated telecommunications provider, traffic officers can now establish an immediate connection with the Transport Board’s database via smartphones, laptops or tablets. They can easily exchange data, files, evidence photos and video footage from the field directly with police headquarters using safe data connectivity and superfast speeds that only LIME’s 4G network can provide.

New technology to boost police work

New technology to boost police work

The technology is unprecedented in Saint Lucia, although it is in use in more developed countries in North America and Europe. This is yet another example of the myriad of possibilities made real by the rollout of LIME’s state-of-the-art 4G network.
“Now the Traffic Department can outfit its officers with pocket-sized devices that have capabilities they would previously have had to travel to their offices, stations or headquarters to access,” says Terry Finisterre, LIME Corporate Communications Executive. “This also increases the efficiency of the process. What would have been a time-consuming check is now just a few clicks away.”
The company is eager to see the Saint Lucia Police Force using the latest technological innovations in mobile communications. “As the Caribbean’s leading full-service communications provider, it’s our job to help instill confidence in digital methods so our police can be safer and work more efficiently with user-friendly, efficient, and interoperable communications. Our goal is to offer a solution that will work wherever our hardworking officers of the Traffic Department are working,” Terry explains.
Citing 4G as the communication wave of the future, he said LIME’s collaboration with the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force is principally about helping the police achieve higher levels of efficiency for law enforcement and greater safety for the public, as well as police officers.

For media enquiries please contact:
Terry Finisterre || Tel: +1 758 453 9572 || Mobile: +1 758 285 3332 ||
Email: || BlackBerry: 29B6F381



Castries, Saint Lucia – September 26, 2013 – In the August 26, 2013 Extra Ordinary Issue of the Gazette of Saint Lucia, the United Workers Party notes that the Prime Minister of Saint Lucia Acted as Minister for Commerce, Business Development, Investment and Consumer Affairs for the period August 23-28, 2013.
Our information confirms that during that period, the Minister for Commerce, Business Development, Investment and Consumer Affairs, Hon. Emma Hippolyte was out of state on official business approved by the Prime Minister. In fact, based on information from a reliable source in the United States, Minister Hippolyte attended a number of meetings in her capacity as Minister with a number of State institutions and organizations.

Minister Hippolyte

Minister Hippolyte

The United Workers Party is baffled by the need for Prime Minister Dr. Kenny D. Anthony to assume the office of Minister for Commerce, Business Development, Investment and Consumer Affairs while Minister Hippolyte was overseas conducting legitimate business in her capacity as Minister. It is also important to note that according to our information, Minister Hippolyte was not on vacation or medical leave.
As a result of these perplexed events, the United Workers Party wants the Prime Minister to provide answers to the following questions:
1. Is it a new policy of this Labour Administration for the Prime Minister to act as Minister for any Minister who travels overseas on Government business?
2. If the Prime Minister assumes a Minister’s portfolio, does the Minister who has travelled have full Ministerial responsibilities, authority and privileges while overseas?
3. Do we expect to see the Prime Minister assume other portfolios when other Ministers travel on official Government business?
4. Given that this Prime Minister has not assumed the portfolio of any of his Ministers in the past when they travelled on Official Government business, can he tell us why he found it necessary to act for Emma Hippolyte in this instance or was she technically fired as Minister for the period August 23-28, 2013?
We await a response so that Saint Lucians may better understand the policy direction of this Administration with respect to the status of Government Ministers when they travel on official Government Business.

Establishing A National Vision Commission


GOSL Coat of armsPrime Minister, Dr. Kenny D. Anthony has written to the Leader of the Opposition to invite him to submit two (2) nominees, who can serve on the proposed National Vision Commission.

The announcement of the formation of a National Vision Commission was made by Her Excellency, the Governor General during her Throne Speech 2013/2014. Subsequently, by Conclusion No. 152 of March 25, 2013, Cabinet agreed to establish this National Vision Commission.  Accordingly, Cabinet agreed as follows:

“The Commission shall comprise a Chairperson plus eleven (11) persons, who will be selected as indicated below:

(a)  Three (3) persons nominated by the Honourable Prime Minister; 

(b)  Two (2) persons nominated by the Honourable Leader of the Opposition;

(c)   Two (2)  persons nominated by Her Excellency the Governor General after consultation with the Prime Minister;

(d)  Four (4) persons nominated by various civil society organizations, mindful of the need to ensure adequate representation of the Private Sector, Youth, the Labour Movement and the Religious Sector; and

(e)   The Chairperson shall be appointed by the Prime Minister after consultation with the Leader of the Opposition.”

The Commission, which shall be for a two year term shall focus on the following critical outcomes and deliverables:

(1)  Mounting a national dialogue through a process of discussion, consultation and consensus building that engages the broadest spectrum of Saint Lucian society;

(2)  The articulation of a national vision:  an expression of a future Saint Lucia   embracing individual, community and collective aspirations, and which  inspires, engages and coheres the population in the process of moving Saint Lucia sustainably forward as a nation; and

(3)   The formulation of a National Strategy:  a framework of strategic initiatives of highest priority to bring about the National Vision.”

The Commission will take into consideration the work undertaken and accomplished during the tenure of former administrations through the Department of National Development.