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10th Heineken Green Synergy is On!


The tenth edition of the popular Heineken Green Synergy DJ competition will begin to unfold from this weekend. For the past nine years this event has been the most anticipated summer long activity here and this year is expected to be no different. At a press launch on Wednesday, Gaius Harry Heineken brand manager said that over the years Heineken Green Synergy has grown and evolved and has also stamped its name as a recognized brand on the entertainment landscape of Saint Lucia. “And this we owe to the fans and supporters of the event from all across the island who have been with us along this journey. We also recognize the support of the participating DJ’s, the press, our judges, host and other support staff and team members,” Harry commented.

Selector Twis 2012 Heineken Green Synergy Winner

Selector Twis 2012 Heineken Green Synergy Winner

“This year, for the tenth Anniversary of Heineken Green Synergy, we have refocused the competition to ensure that we select, not just a winner, but a crop of DJ’s who will be well trained and groomed in preparation for regional and international exposure,” the Heineken brand manager said Wednesday.

Heineken Green Synergy will again be a DJ competition open to residence of Saint Lucia 18 and over, both male and female from all across the island. However this year the event is also open to regional participants. Registration is free and interested DJ’s can register online, at WLBL outlets and at various radio stations and bars across the island.

“In the coming weeks the team at WLBL be inviting DJ’s to play at various Heineken Summer promotions across the island where we will select participants to move into the semi-final rounds,” Harry pointed out. “These semi-finalists will then have to go through the paces of workshops and seminars as we expect to bring out the highest quality of DJ’s in this tenth edition of Heineken Green Synergy. The DJ’s will also be posed with various challenges as part of their selection for the grand finals,” he went on to say.

Following the selection of the semi-finalists, which will be done between July 28 and August 10- there will be two semi-finals, one at Pigeon Island on August 11, the other on the Kaka Bef, Vieux Fort July 18. The Finals will be held at Fond D’or on Sunday August 25, 2013.

The format for Heineken Green Synergy 2013 will allow for the competing DJ’s to showcase their tricks and mixing skills and techniques with a lesser emphasis being placed on the clash this year which will be a separate component. DJ’s will be allowed to use the medium they are most comfortable with including turntables, Serato or Virtual DJ and will once again utilize a mic man as an added component to their set.

The Grand Prize winner; The Saint Lucia Heineken Green Synergy DJ Ambassador 2013 will receive Cash and product rewards and prizes as well as the opportunity to play at Heineken sponsored events all year long. The winner will also be a guest VIP DJ at the popular Heineken Regatta in St. Maarten.

The public launch of Heineken Green Synergy will kick off this Sunday July 28 at the popular Sabwisha beach in Vieux Fort with the expected Heineken Green Synergy fun and excitement. Past Green Synergy winners will also participate in the event. “We are anticipating the usual support from our fans, the DJ’s and the media as we get set to make Heineken Green Synergy 2013 the Tenth Anniversary Edition, the biggest and best yet,” Gaius Harry says.