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ACT NOW GENERATION Hosts Sponsors & Supporters’ Evening


ACT NOW GENERATION will welcome sponsors and supporters’ in an evening event on Wednesday, 20th June 2012, at the Blue Coral Mall, Castries.

Guests will be informed of the ACT NOW PROGRAMME and enjoy performances by youth from the programme. It will also serve as an opportunity to express gratitude for past support and encourage continued support.

This is part of the ACT NOW PROGRAMME’s ingoing efforts to reach more youth, thus ensuring that it remains and grows as a positive force for young people on Saint Lucia.



The ACT NOW PROGRAMME is a 2004 initiative of then Chief Magistrate Ms. Floreta Nicholas.

The Programme utilizes the therapeutic value of the Fine Arts, Culinary Arts and Culture as a form of healing for Youth under the age of thirty. The Programme began as a form of Restorative Justice and an alternative to sentencing for Youth within the Justice System. It now includes all Youth – numbering two hundred and fifty – both within and without the Justice System.

The programme conducts training and workshops and stages an annual Musical Theatre every August.

The Artistic and Music Director is Mr. Blaise Pascal. Other Directors are: Ms. Floreta Nicholas, Attorney –at-Law, Ms. Chriselda Branford retired Assistant Superintendent of Police, Her Worship Magistrate Charon Gardner-Hippolyte and Mrs. Lucy Myers, retired Director of Probation & Parole.

Contact : floretan@live.com for any further details and confirmation or call 7267831 / 5849952 / 3845001