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Headphunk Metamorphosis




more emphasis on the positive,

morphing from a dream

clawing free from of the cocoon of the mind

waiting on wishes,

the fragile wings spread out to dry

to give flight to the spawn of the mind

we’ve grown from thought to theory

fed on trials and bitter morsels of failure

made sweet with the nectar of success

strengthened for the limits and hurdles

we’ve known that dreams, like wishes

are born grown up

but yet, we change

we rise from the falls and scrapes

that shape us

into legends.

Thursday November 29th

Samaan’s Park

7:30 pm


Kaw Kaw! Kaw Kaw!

Consultation on Flower Festivals Saturday


Castries, Saint Lucia – The Cultural Development Foundation will engage National Flower groups, stakeholders and the general public in a Consultation on the Flower Festivals of Saint Lucia, taking place at Foundation’s Conference Room on Saturday 26th May, 2012 from 9:00 am.

The Foundation will present the current situation of the Flower Festivals, with a view to chart “ A Way Forward” especially as it pertains to policy direction, sustainability and of course to provide guidance for the celebration of the Flower Festivals this year.


There are two floral societies in Saint Lucia; La Rose, celebrated on August 30th and La Marguerite, celebrated on October 17th every year. These floral societies express a government/opposition context, stating the desire of the slaves for self government and demonstrating their capacity for such self-government.  Both societies have an exhaustive system of mock administration from a royal family to an army, police force, judiciary, health service, education system, etc.  Each group hold séances, which consists of all night singing and dancing sessions where drinks are sold and various games played.  The Central figure at the séance is the shatwel or lead singer who sustains the spirit and tenor of the evening’s entertainment.

The Consultation on Flower Festivals will be facilitated by Imbert Charles with remarks by the Hon. Lorne Theophilus; Minister for Tourism, Heritage and the Creative Industries and Monsignor Dr. Patrick Anthony. Addressing “The Way Forward” and subsequent discussions will be a panel comprised of Frank Norville, Agatha Jn. Panel, Kennedy “Boots” Samuel and Eric Branford.

The Foundation therefore invites all interested parties and stakeholders to be represented at this consultation on the future of our Flower Festivals. The National Consultation on Flower Festivals on Saturday, 26th May, will commence from 9:00 am at the CDF Conference Room.

For further information please call the Cultural Development Foundation at 453-7385/ 452-1859.