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Get Centred This Weekend


Relax, release, let go, and open up to a life that overflows with balance, health, happiness and abundance. This is the promise of the Transpersonal Psychology Centre, through its one-day Stress Management Intensive workshop, this Sunday 18th October, 2013 from 9am – 3pm.

Entitled “The Homeostasis Process”, the workshop uses an amalgamation of proven transpersonal techniques, therapeutic processes and cognitive interventions to delve deep into the subconscious mind. This facilitates the release of the deepest stresses from the nervous system so that healing can take place.

Tessa Anthia John

Tessa Anthia John

Tessa Anthia John, who developed the process and guides the sessions, is a Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Professional Counsellor, Life Coach, Psychology Lecturer and Meditation Teacher.

This workshop follows a similar one held earlier this month, which John says was very successful. She says, “Persons really felt their daily stresses just melt off their shoulders due to the unique processes that I used. They were also able to go home with some tools that they can use in order to keep that stress off.”

This Sunday’s session will be held at the Transpersonal Psychology Centre, Bonne Cachille #6 Alfiona Plaza (upstairs Valmont), Rodney Bay. To reserve your spot for this event you can register by calling 719-2755 or 287-0193. You can also register online at or send an e-mail to:

The package includes the full day Homeostasis Process workshop, another 3 hour group follow-up session approximately 2 weeks after that initial workshop, as well as a one hour one-on-one (individual) therapy session. In the intensive workshop session you will:
• Learn techniques to help you heal yourself and open you up to new possibilities
• Release all toxic energy in the form of thoughts, feelings and emotions that no longer serve you
• Consistently make decisions for your highest good and in order to achieve your life’s purpose
• Achieve greater inner peace and joy.

Spaces are limited and interested persons are encouraged to contact the Transpersonal Psychology Centre at the earliest.


Minister for Health Welcomes Ambassador Barford


On behalf of MOH I wish to welcome Ambassador Barford and his wife to our beautiful and sunny St. Lucia, and to our NNH complex facility which comprises the New National Hospital, The Mental Wellness Centre as well as Turning Point Drug Rehabilitation Centre. It is good to have you here Ambassador although we are sorry that you will not have time to take it some of our lovely and exciting West Indies T20 Cricket.

On behalf of the government and people of St. Lucia, I wish to express sincere gratitude and appreciation to the European Union, represent

This project is the brainchild of our Honourable Prime Minister in his plan for Comprehensive Health Care for the people of St. Lucia. We thank him for his vision.ed here today by Ambassador Barford; for this new hospital which will be handed over to the government and people of St. Lucia in the coming months.

It is very important that we recognize the immense contribution made by the European Union to our Health Sector: 

This hospital, which is funded by the European Union and the Government of St. Lucia, is the single, largest investment made by the European Union possibly in the Caribbean, costing over EC 167, million dollars for construction and equipping.

The completion of the New National Hospital will mark a significant milestone for my ministry and my government in our quest to provide an improved quality of health care services to the people of St. Lucia as well as visitors in a state of the art facility.

The Ministry of Health has also benefited from the European Union funded, National Strategic Plan for Health which was released in 2005 and again in the coming months, will be significant benefits to the Health sector under the 10th European Development Fund which amounts to over six million Euros and which will go towards training programmes and the strengthening of Primary Health Care Services.

This New National Hospital when completed will provide modern, quality care to all in St. Lucia. It will be supported by the augmentation of services at the Wellness Centers and Primary Care Facilities, with greater emphasis on primary prevention, specifically through health promotion and the promotion of healthy lifestyles. 

 The overall objective of this facility is the provision of improved secondary care services in Saint Lucia. These services will include:

Outpatient Care: Accident and Emergency, Observation beds, General outpatient clinic, Orthopedics Clinic, Ophthalmology Clinic, ENT Clinic, Children’s outpatient Clinic, STI Clinic, Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic, Day Surgery/Investigation Unit, Dialysis Unit

Inpatient Care: General Acute Wards, Children’s Wards, Obstetrics Wards, Gynecology Wards, Special Care Baby Unit, Intensive Care Unit.

Diagnosis and Treatment: Pathology Laboratory, Radiology, Operating theatres, Delivery Suite, Physiotherapy.

Medical Support: Pharmacy, Central Sterile Supply, Medical Records, Offices and Library, Mortuary

General Support: Hospital Administration, other Administration, Meeting Rooms, Main Entrances/shops, Chapel, Telephones, Building Maintenance, Laundry, Kitchen, Staff Dining, Goods Receipt/Distribution, On-Call Suite, Staff Changing Rooms.

Upon completion of construction phase, this facility is scheduled to undergo a process of commissioning for a period of approximately 6 months.  This commissioning process will include activities such as equipping, outfitting of kitchen and laundry, signage among others.


In the coming months the MOH along with other agencies and partners will continue to address significant issues pertaining to Public Relations, Statutorisation and Governance, Legislation,  Budget and finance, Information Technology, Change Mangement issues, Human Resources, Operational policies and procedures, transition and occupancy Decommissioning of Victoria Hospital.

The staff of the Ministry of Health will continue to work diligently to ensure these systems are implemented in a timely and through manner. This process will involve consulting and collaborating with our partners, stakeholders, Government agencies and departments. This will be a Labour of Love to realize a product which we all will be proud of.


In closing, we wish to acknowledge the significant work of former Ambassador Diaz and his team since the inception of this project and as well as Ambassador Barford who is committed to its continuation. Honourable Prime Minister and Minister for Finance and staff of his Ministry for support, guidance and of course resources.

Other ministries and department heads, staff members and partners. I wish to commend specially the hard working staff of the Ministry of Health.

EU Infrastructure Programme Officer

Sir Frederick Snow Site Supervisor

Senior Manager INSO

NAO’s Office

All who continue to make invaluable contributions towards the realization of this healthy dream. We look forward with great anticipation for its opening as we continue to recognize the time, talents and treasures of the EU and the government of St. Lucia.

I thank you    

World AIDS Day 2012


WAD Flyer 2012The Caribbean HIV and AIDS Alliance (CHAA), St Lucia Office prepares to celebrate World AIDS Day with Key partners tomorrow, December 1st. The last three weeks of targeted HIV testing and sensitizations climaxes tomorrow. Activities will centre on the theme, “”Getting to zero: zero new HIV infections. Zero discrimination. Zero AIDS related deaths”

Activities commence in Vieux Fort at 9am with an Anti-stigma and discrimination march and opening ceremony followed by a health fair in Beanfield until 3pm.

In the north, the health fair will begin at 1pm and end at 5pm with a candle light ceremony. Song, dance and drama performances will highlight issues surrounding the theme. HIV testing will be available at both venues.

CHAA commits to sustaining the HIV prevention sensitizations and supporting changes to safer sexual practices through the team of peer educators attached to the project.


Play Your Part This World Aids Days 2012



Kenita Placide, Co-Executive Director of United and Strong

Kenita Placide, Co-Executive Director of United and Strong

(Castries, November 30, 2012) Every year, December 1 is commemorated as the World AIDS Day. Hundreds of advocates, leaders and communities around the world dedicate the day to activities and events to cherish the memories of those who battled with the disease, to celebrate progress achieved in the global response to HIV and re-commit to keep the promise to create an AIDS free generation.

Today, around the world, we commemorate Worlds AIDS Day under the theme “Getting to Zero”, by acknowledging the advances made in the care and treatment of those living with HIV and prevention of those affected. We remember with regret the lives of many who have passed, our family, friends and colleagues who are all infected or affected by this epidemic. This campaign brings together like-minded supporters to advocate for education and outreach, testing and treatment all over Saint Lucia in the communities that need it most.

This month, the human rights advocacy group United and Strong took the message to the public, in areas such as the Blue Coral Mall, Caribbean Cinemas, JQ Rodney Bay Mall, Baywalk Mall and the Headphunk performance in Samaans Park. Volunteers distributed free sexual and reproductive health aids and information. It continues at the testing day in Baywalk Mall in Rodney Bay and in Vieux Fort on December 1.

The sale of red ribbons, the global symbol for the fight against HIV/AIDS, was central to the effort. These red ribbons remind that we as a NATION need to SAY NO to stigma and discrimination, SAY NO to new cases of HIV/STI infections and SAY NO to any more AIDS-related deaths.

United and Strong Inc. stands in solidarity with the AIDS Action Foundation, Caribbean HIV/AIDS Alliance, the Red Cross, the Ministry of Health, National AIDS Programme Secretariat, Saint Lucia Planned Parent Hood and Tender Loving Care, commending their bravery and commitment to a world without HIV/AIDS and a Caribbean where social justice is a reality.  Advocates and activists here in St Lucia, the Caribbean and the globe take a bow for leading the struggle to eliminate stigma, discrimination and inequality. We are proud to have worked in conjunction with many of these individuals and the above organisations through the years, and look forward to continued collaborations.

Rights come with personal responsibility and the call for every individual to do their part continues to be a priority.       Victimisation and inequality are a reality many still face today. Stigma and discrimination is called natural; stereotyping and violence is called cultural; as is the mockery of gay men and lesbian women, whose private lives, especially their sexuality, are put on trial. These actions and speech affects everyone, preventing access of some individuals to certain services.

People are not finding out their HIV status due to stigma around testing; they fear of gaps in the system and the breaches of confidentially. This is simply unacceptable. Government needs to follow through on our commitment to provide access to prevention and treatment to everyone, everywhere. There is nothing moral about hate, discrimination, marginalisation, violence or pain.


The sale of red ribbons, the global symbol for the fight against HIV/AIDS, was central to the effort.

We need to recognize the fundamental human rights of every single person. Civil society groups need to maintain the lead, along with government, to continue the fight and revitalize all mechanisms to provide information, education and skills to all sectors. In order to get to zero new infections, there must be mobilised efforts and collaboration to demand access to treatment and medication; create safe environments for HIV positive people to disclose their status; and funding to ensure equity in HIV prevention, treatment, and care services for all people living with HIV, particularly the under privileged, who represent a high percentage of new infections.

We continue to raise the consciousness of the masses as we know we will all feel the cry in the future; infected or affected, we all feel it. Let us put aside hate and hypocrisy, and work in the best interest of our country. There is nothing moral about hypocritically allowing or encouraging these violations to continue.  Information has taught us even if we are not infected we are all affected personally, economically, national development and health. Too many people are naive and laid-back today. This is a great opportunity for advocates and organizations to remind their representatives that we’re watching them on HIV/AIDS funding and care. Elected officials need to show that they understand the urgency of the need here, or voters will hold them accountable prevention and treatment aren’t optional.

However we must also call on the leaders of St Lucia and anyone else who has the power to make a change, to wake up! The question is no longer can we end the AIDS epidemic, but will we end the AIDS epidemic? The time is now. The time is here. Tomorrow starts now.

—- ENDS —

Diabetes Awareness Fair on Today


The Saint Lucia Diabetes Association concludes with a Diabetes Awareness Fair’ for the Diabetes Awareness Month. It will be held on Friday 30th Nov 2012 in the William Peter Blvd.

Over 300 to Graduate From Home Help Program


Castries, Saint Lucia, November 29th, 2012 – Three hundred and twenty-five (325) trainees will graduate today from the Home Help Program organized by the National Initiative to Create Employment (NICE) in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Wellness, Human Services and Gender Relations and the National Skills Development Centre (NSDC).
The group, made up of 324 women and 1 man, underwent over nine (9) weeks of training from July. The initial three weeks of training involved productivity enhancement, which was conducted by the NSDC and training in elderly and home help care was carried out by the Ministry of Health, Wellness, Human Services and Gender Relations over a 6 week period.
An average of 20 people, have been deployed throughout the 17 constituencies since November. Some specialize in elder care while others are focused on domestic care.
Perry Thomas, NICE’s Project Coordinator says, “It is indeed a proud moment for us to see the hundreds of women, some of whom have not been working for over 2 years now, being engaged in legitimate work, helping those who are now unable to help themselves.”
To date, NICE has put close to 3000 Saint Lucians to work, both in the private and public sectors. In addition to job placements, the Project has also provided grant funding and technical support to a number of small businesses who are now able to employ additional staff due to the assistance received from the Project.
Today’s graduation ceremony takes place at the National Cultural Centre at 2 p.m. There will be addresses by the NICE Coordinator, Perry Thomas, as well as Health Minister Alvina Reynolds and the Honorable Prime Minister, Dr. Kenny D. Anthony.
We will be grateful for coverage of this event.

Strandz Comes to LHBT Day Spa


Leo’s Holistic Body Therapy Day Spa would like to officially welcome Strandz Hair Salon (formerly located at the American Drywall Building) and Pamela Herman-Dolor to our family. We wish you, Pamela all the best in your future endeavours and may GOD richly bless you.

Please take some time to read her biography below:

Pamela Herman-Dolor

Pam’s Philosophy is one that has taken her to where she is right now and translates into any language “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.

Her skills are very much in demand and she has been at the forefront of local hair dressing for over 20 years.

Working with a team of hand-picked experts, Pam has developed her own style and elegance.

She has demonstrated her skills at various pageants, advertisements, hair and fashion shows.

Renowned for her skills in dressing long and short hair, Pamela is also the consummate professional, inspiring hairdressers with her unique blend of education and her fantastic ability to make even the most complex hair style look easy.

Her charismatic personality with a totally creative mind and her strong faith in GOD has made her an inspiration to others.


To take Strandz Hair Salon to the main stream public.

For Salon Services Call Pam at 758-488-5286 or Maria Leo, LMP 489-7903