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Protest March on Hold


The Chakadan Daniel Planning and Organizing Committee have taken the decision to observe a “tactical retreat” with respect to the staging of the peaceful Silent March and Mini Rally in memory of Chakadan Daniel. The Committee considers the late formal approval by the Police for the planned event disrespectful and has severely compromised its organizational efforts towards the staging of the peaceful Silent March and Mini Rally.
The committee notes the following:

Chakadan Daniel

Chakadan Daniel

1. That two individuals (which included the Mother of Chakadan who is a member of the Committee) dispatched to collect the necessary approval from Police Headquarters at Chesterfield were (as late as 2:50 pm) unable to secure the required document.
2. That following a combination of phone calls to the hierarchy of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force and a visit by a member of the Committee to the Ministry responsible between the hours of 2:52 pm and 3:34 pm there was verbal indication (via telephone) that approval was granted. These indications were provided first by the DCP Responsible for Operations and Crime at 3:47 pm and the Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Home Affairs and National Security at 4:10 pm. The actual envelope containing the approval was eventually collected from Police Headquarters at Chesterfield at approximately 4:40 pm.
Given the delay in approval from the Police for the staging of the peaceful Silent March and Mini Rally, the Committee has taken the decision to observe a “tactical retreat” and as such will not go ahead with the staging of the planned event. The Committee will examine its options in the month of January next and determine a new approach towards representing the concerns for justice in the Chakadan Daniel case.
Finally the committee expresses its dissatisfaction with the fact it has had to combat systemic obstacles which has negatively impacted its ability to conduct this event despite its determined efforts and the rights and guarantees enshrined in the UN Declaration of Human Rights and the Constitution of Saint Lucia. We will nonetheless continue our crusade in the pursuit of justice in this case. The committee thanks all sources of support to date at the local and regional levels. We look forward to working with other citizens/families who have been similarly affected and who share concerns for the upkeep and preservation of human rights in Saint Lucia. This includes the police who we expect to take full advantage in the future of opportunities to act in good faith and to demonstrate goodwill as a matter of principle and integrity.

22-year old Chakadan Daniel of Micoud, was reportedly found dead while in custody at the Micoud Police Station on Wednesday, October 23. Police announced that Daniel was found hanging from his cell after he had been arrested two days prior for escaping lawful custody, assaulting a police officer and damaging property. His death was labelled “A grave human rights violation”, amidst accusations of police brutality from his family and community.


Police Give Facts on the Shooting of Mandy Louisy


While it is not the policy of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force to publicly comment on matters which have the potential to be the subject of judicial proceedings, we none the less, especially in view of the misinformed statements being made, wish to clarify certain aspects of the matter involving 31 year old Mandy Louisy of Chassin, Babonneau.

The facts of the matter are as follows;police line

On Friday 9 August 2013 about 12:30am, plain clothed officers attached to the Babonneau Police Station were on patrol in the Chassin area when en route they noted a suspicious looking male individual wearing dark clothes with a “hoodie”. He also had his hands in his pockets. The officers approached the young man like they would any other in a similar situation. The individual was not known to the police.

The officers, stopped the individual, identified themselves to him and thereafter attempted to carry out a search of his person. The individual resisted and in the course of that resistance brandished a knife in a menacing manner at the officers.

While attempting to disarm this individual, a struggle ensued during which one officer discharged a single gunshot hitting him in the upper part of his body. That individual was immediately transported to Victoria Hospital where he was admitted in a critical condition. He subsequently succumbed to his injuries about 11:00 am.

That individual was subsequently identified as Mandy Louisy of Chassin, Babonneau.

The round discharged entered Mr. Louisy’s body from the front.

Whilst the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force understands the family’s and indeed the public’s concern and need to get the facts behind what transpired, such concerns ought not to be expressed in a manner that is contrary to what happened.

The police have followed proper protocol in the investigation of this matter to which end, a post mortem examination has been undertaken and the results transmitted to both the police and members of the decease’s family.

It is of course improper for the police to make public the contents of this report but as stated earlier, members of the family are in possession of the documents and are therefore fully aware of the their contents.

Investigations are continuing into the matter.


Fatal accident claims the life in Sarrot


About 4:00 am on Sunday 5 May 2013, Officers attached to the Traffic Department responded to a report of a serious vehicular accident which occurred along the Sarrot road.

On arrival, the officers received information that a grey Toyota Corolla motor car registration number PJ 6869 driven by 26 year old Kurt Joseph of Millet, Anse La Raye was travelling in a westerly direction along the Sarrot road when it came into contact with a pedestrian.

The pedestrian namely Frederika Ellick, a 55 year old resident of Sarrot was transported to Victoria Hospital via ambulance. She was pronounced dead on arrival.

A post-mortem examination is scheduled for a later date to determine a cause of death.

An investigation into the accident continues.


For further information contact the RSLPF LogoRSLPF Public Relations Office: Tel: 456-3727, or Fax 456-3726. Email:

Man Shot in Attempted Robbery


On Monday 31 December 2012 about 12:20am, Officers attached to the Criminal Investigations Department responded to an incident which occurred at Bocage, Castries.

On arrival, they received information that a police officer had parked his motor car registration number PJ 4652 near the SDA Church at Bocage. Upon returning he found a male individual seated in the front of the vehicle attempting to remove the car’s stereo set. In attempting to apprehend the male individual, the police officer was assaulted. A scuffle ensued resulting in the suspect being shot in the leg. The suspect then fled the scene. A search was conducted of the area but he wasn’t found.

About 4:00 am, Officers were summoned to the Accident and Emergency Room of Victoria Hospital. They received information that Shan Lamontagne of Bocage was treated and admitted for gunshot wounds. Shan Lamontagne is currently in a stable condition at the said hospital. Investigations into the matter are ongoing.

Shoot out leaves two inc. police officer injured


On Thursday 13 December 2012 about 4:45am, Officers attached to the Rodney Bay Police Station responded to a shooting incident which occurred outside a night club at Rodney Bay, Gros Islet about 4:30am.

RSLPF appeals to anyone with information  to contact the Major Crimes Unit

RSLPF appeals to anyone with information to contact the Major Crimes Unit

On arrival, Officers observed a gold Nissan 4 door Pickup registration number PE 7176 attached to the Gros Islet Police Station parked on the side of the road riddled with bullet holes.

They also received information where a white and grey Diahatsu Terios SUV registration number 6888 had driven by and opened fire in the direction of the police vehicle. The assailants are unknown at this time.

At the time, Police Constable 412 Starzwin Dantes attached to the Gros Islet Police Station was the lone occupant on board that police vehicle. He was engaged in a conversation with an individual when he suffered a gunshot wound to the right side of his waist near his abdomen.

Also shot was 18 year old Manducichi Mangal of Bonneterre, Gros Islet who was approaching the police vehicle.

Both individuals were transported to Victoria Hospital. They were both treated and admitted in a stable condition at the said hospital.

The owner of the Diahatsu Terios which was recovered in the Gros Islet area has since reported that the vehicle was stolen between 6:00 pm on Wednesday 12 December and 10:45 am on Thursday 13 December 2012. He is currently assisting police in their investigations.

No one has been arrested in relation to this incident. The Major Crimes unit is conducting an investigation into the matter.

The RSLPF is appealing to anyone with information regarding this incident to contact the Major Crimes Unit at 456 3754/56 or the nearest police station.

Two Charged for Murder


Anoushka Alfred and Curtis Joseph have been charged with murder in two separate cases.

Curtis Joseph Aka Ti Coolie of La Clery was charged last evening for causing the death of Peter Collin. He has been brought before the court.

On Saturday 24 November 2012 Officers attached to Major Crime Unit arrested him on suspicion of being involved in the homicide of Collin, a Canadian National who was on a visit St. Lucia. Collin was attacked and robbed whilst on the Vigie Beach on Thursday 15 November 2012.

He succumbed to his injury on Monday 19 November 2012 whilst being a patient at Victoria Hospital. A post mortem examination was performed on the body of Peter Collin on Wednesday 21 November 2012. The post mortem examination revealed that he died as a result of brain damage due to a blunt force trauma.

Ninteen-year-old Anoushka Alfred was charged for causing the death of Dacus Maximi at Banse Laborie on Saturday 24 November 2012. She also is before the court.

Police say thirty-year-old Dacus Maximin was involved in an altercation with the young female. As a result of the altercation he sustained a stab wound. He was transported to St Jude’s Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

A post mortem examination was performed on the body of Dacus Maximin on Monday 26 November 2012. The examination revealed he died as a result of Hemorrhagic shock secondary to a stab wound.

Anse La Raye man charged for firearm related offences


On Saturday 24 November 2012 about 2:00 am, a police officer attired in civilian wear was performing duties on Fran Street, Anse La Raye. Whilst there he received a report of an Assault with Firearm.

Based on the description given of the subject, the Officer accosted 24 year old Gideon Frederick of St Lawerence Estate, Anse La Raye. A search was carried out on his person and a nine (9) mm firearm and one (1) live round of 9 mm ammunition was recoverd.

Consequently he was arrested and charged for the offences of Possession of an Unlicensed Firearm, Possession of Ammunition and Assault with a Firearm.

He is scheduled to make a court appearance on Monday 26 November 2012.

He was bailed in the sum of Two Thousand Five Hundred Dollars respectively on the charges of Possession of an Unlicensed Firearm and Assault with Firearm. On the charge of Possession of Ammunition he was bailed Nine Hundred Dollars. This could either be cash or suitable surety.

He was bailed on certain conditions as follows:
1) Report to Anse La Raye Police Station every Wednesday
2) Surrender all travel documents
3) Not to leave state without the Court’s permission.