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Join the celebration of Lucian womanhood

A not to be missed cultural and artistic showcase celebrating women presented by, for International Women’s Day.
she lc celebrates womanhood in all it's joy and pain celebrates womanhood in all it’s joy and pain!

Curator of Kentillia Louis has worked tirelessly over the past few months to bring the internal and varied insight of womanhood to the public.
Join on Tuesday March 22nd, from 7pm at the National Cultural Centre, to revel in the expressions of the Lucian woman through poetry, dance, theatre, music and art.

Calypso Assc. and CPMA aim to improve the Calypso product


The Saint Lucia Calypso Association (2009) and the Carnival Planning and Management Agency (CPMA) have united forces to ensure that the 2014 Carnival Season realizes a much improved Calypso product. The two parties met yesterday, April 22nd, at the Ministry of Tourism, Heritage and Creative Industries, to discuss several issues which have affected the hosting of Tents, national events and other areas relating to the development of Calypso. One key element in the way forward is a Memorandum of Understanding between the two entities which is expected to clearly articulate the role of each organization and create a better working relationship.Drafts are to be discussed in the next few days and the final document is to be adopted by the second week in May 2014. Chairman of the SLCA (2009), David Jordan, applauded the Ministry of Tourism, Heritage and Creative Industries and the CPMA for facilitating such an important meeting and is confident that the pooling of forces in such a systematic and professional manner augurs well for the future of Calypso.

According to Mr Jordan, the SLCA (2009) executive and members are seeking to remove the barriers to progress in Calypso and the first priority is an improved working relationship with the Government appointed management body. Chairman of the CPMA, Lyndon Arnold, reiterated the need for Carnival stakeholders to play an active role in the execution of all related activities and highlighted the importance of transparency and accountability especially as it relates to the use of Government funds in this difficult economic climate.

He pledged his organization’s support for well organized and approved activities, and requested that Carnival interest groups not paint his newly appointed team with the same brush of resentment as its predecessors.

Director of Carnival, Teddy Francis, was thankful that the parties could make the time to participate in such an amiable level of discourse and was optimistic that the challenges of the past would remain as such. He emphasized the need to be professional in all aspects of planning and production and advised that legal implications be considered at every juncture.

The meeting was chaired by the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism, Heritage and Creative Industries, Donovan Williams, who also expressed satisfaction with the outcome of the meeting and encouraged all parties to collaborate and utilize communication and diplomacy to achieve objectives and deal with matters of concern. Williams advertised his Ministry’s open door policy and invited the SLCA(2009) to submit developmental project proposals which would assist in the . Tent leaders, writers and executive members of the SLCA(2009) were thankful that such an initiative was finally achieved and are all optimistic that the 2014 Calypso season will breathe new life into the art-form

Creativity and Culture at Community Festivals


On Friday April 25th and Sunday April 27th the communities of Anse La Raye and Babonneau respectively, will host what is considered a highlight on their cultural calendar of events. From 10:30 a.m. until 8:00p.m., the Community Festivals will showcase the rich traditions and unique customs of Saint Lucian Culture as well as the artistic talents of its people.

The successful staging of the Anse La Raye Community Festival in 2013, has led to an acceptance of the offer in playing host for a second time. Chorale singing, one of the activities the village of Anse La Raye is synonymous with, will be showcased when that community puts on a display of theatre productions at the Anse la Raye Square. The Anse La Raye Village Council has been working with the Cultural Development Foundation in creating the platform for innovative expression and to assist in the cultural advancement of its community folk.

The Charles Cadet Youth Orchestra skilfully demonstrates the successful handing down of knowledge

community festival

A revival of steel pan in the street as part of the community cultural expression


A boisterous performance from Youth on Fire Ministry in Anse-La-Raye


Kazia Aurelien from the Babonneau Constituency Council, one of the organisers of the event, says “community members have been very receptive to the staging of what will be the first time such an activity will be hosted here. Babonneau is known for its community togetherness and we are looking forward to sharing with Saint Lucians some of the amazing talent the district possesses.” She says plans are moving relatively smoothly for this year’s community festival which will take place on the Catholic Church Grounds. A variety of cultural and creative forms of expression are expected which include poetry, drama, drumming and dance. Afro-centric music is a key highlight of the day’s activity when Belair, Konte and Solo will be featured.


Pre-schoolers take in a community art exhibition


A staple of community arts, the Soufriere Action Theatre

The creative prowess of artists will be on show when individual artists will paint pieces which will subsequently be used to create a collage that will be prominently displayed in a predetermined area of the community. Artists will also engage in the creation of pieces using chalk and charcoal in a sketch-up. Visitors to the community festivals will be invited to vote for their favourite pieces, in the People’s Choice Piece.

The Cultural Development Foundation continues in its efforts to create opportunities to nurture the diverse forms of cultural and artistic expression, that make up the Saint Lucian personality. Community Festivals are one of the activities under the umbrella of the National Arts Festival which serves as an avenue for encouraging that growth.


CDF Mourns the Loss of Tenor Blaise Claudio Pascal

The late tenor, Blaise Claudio Pascal

The late tenor, Blaise Claudio Pascal

The Cultural Development Foundation and the Saint Lucian artistic community today mourns the loss of Blaise Claudio Pascal, a highly regarded international tenor who died on Wednesday.
The CDF notes that Blaise’s life and career as a lyrical tenor spanned a period of over 19 years, performing across the major metropolis of the globe yet he returned home to give of his time and talents to raise the standard of vocal performance in Saint Lucia and the region. Keen on vocal pedagogy and performance, Mr. Pascal had begun to conduct master classes to assist aspiring singers in their vocal pursuits, a work which had also taken him to Antigua and St. Croix USVI, where he also performed.
His dream had been to initiate a vocal program of studies through the Caribbean Development Program, which he saw as significant to raising interest and appreciation in the region for classical vocal music. In that regard CDF is aware that Mr. Pascal had some significant projects in the pipeline which had the potential to transform the life chances of their intended beneficiaries.
An avid supporter of charity, in July 2008 he was the featured artist in a song recital for the St. Lucia Salvation Army Meals on Wheels program. His work with the Just Us Choir and with numerous other young people rendered him more than a famous name, but someone who our youth could see and touch in their midst.
We understand that Blaise’s death has undoubtedly created a void in the continued development of the arts and although we have lost his presence, his legacy lives on in the lives and hearts of the many young persons he worked with.
We take this moment to applaud the excellent contributions of Blaise Pascal to the arts and our community and, on behalf of the Board and Staff of the Cultural Development Foundation, extends sincere condolences to his family and the artistic community on the passing of this exceptional gentleman.

King Lear Cast Greeted by CDF, SLTB


Castries August 20th, 2013; The arrival of the cast and crew of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre’s production of “King Lear” was met with much fanfare this past Monday. Representatives of the Cultural Development Foundation and The Saint Lucia Tourist Board, as well as a large number of local media personnel converged on the Hewanorra International Airport to welcome the British thespians to what will be the final location of an expansive tour that has covered much of Europe and the UK.
At a press conference held on site, the Chairman of the CDF, Mr. Petrus Compton, spoke on the significance of “King Lear,” “I have been asked numerous times of the cultural significance of King Lear. King Lear in Saint Lucia means locals involved in a number of aspects of the creative industries will have the unparalleled opportunity to learn from this world class group of actors and directors. It means that in the very near future, we may be able to tout not only Joseph Marcel as a noted Saint Lucian thespian. King Lear in Saint Lucia means, in short, growth.”
Speaking on behalf of the SLTB, Public Relations Manager John Emmanuel echoed Mr. Compton’s sentiments of the potential for growth held within the hosting of international scale productions “This year, we couldn’t advertise and say please come to “O, Starry Night” or come to “King Lear”, but the possibilities are infinite for coming years. We now have another viable resource to market alongside our world class hospitality and distinguishing features like the Pitons. We can now say come to Saint Lucia and enjoy world class theatre, and that is huge! Nowhere else in the region is staging offerings like this.”
Joseph Marcel, noted Saint Lucia thespian and lead in the production spoke on the excitement of performing for audiences in his homeland, where until this juncture he has never performed, remarking in creole ”You know, many people leave Saint Lucia and go to America, or Canada or the UK, but they always think of home fondly. I am home.”
King Lear kicks off its 4 engagement run in Saint Lucia on August 21st at Fond D’Or Nature Reserve, with subsequent shows at the Gaiety on Rodney Bay on August 23rd and 24th. Tickets are available at The Cell outlets island wide and at Sunshine Bookshop in Rodney Bay.

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10th Heineken Green Synergy is On!


The tenth edition of the popular Heineken Green Synergy DJ competition will begin to unfold from this weekend. For the past nine years this event has been the most anticipated summer long activity here and this year is expected to be no different. At a press launch on Wednesday, Gaius Harry Heineken brand manager said that over the years Heineken Green Synergy has grown and evolved and has also stamped its name as a recognized brand on the entertainment landscape of Saint Lucia. “And this we owe to the fans and supporters of the event from all across the island who have been with us along this journey. We also recognize the support of the participating DJ’s, the press, our judges, host and other support staff and team members,” Harry commented.

Selector Twis 2012 Heineken Green Synergy Winner

Selector Twis 2012 Heineken Green Synergy Winner

“This year, for the tenth Anniversary of Heineken Green Synergy, we have refocused the competition to ensure that we select, not just a winner, but a crop of DJ’s who will be well trained and groomed in preparation for regional and international exposure,” the Heineken brand manager said Wednesday.

Heineken Green Synergy will again be a DJ competition open to residence of Saint Lucia 18 and over, both male and female from all across the island. However this year the event is also open to regional participants. Registration is free and interested DJ’s can register online, at WLBL outlets and at various radio stations and bars across the island.

“In the coming weeks the team at WLBL be inviting DJ’s to play at various Heineken Summer promotions across the island where we will select participants to move into the semi-final rounds,” Harry pointed out. “These semi-finalists will then have to go through the paces of workshops and seminars as we expect to bring out the highest quality of DJ’s in this tenth edition of Heineken Green Synergy. The DJ’s will also be posed with various challenges as part of their selection for the grand finals,” he went on to say.

Following the selection of the semi-finalists, which will be done between July 28 and August 10- there will be two semi-finals, one at Pigeon Island on August 11, the other on the Kaka Bef, Vieux Fort July 18. The Finals will be held at Fond D’or on Sunday August 25, 2013.

The format for Heineken Green Synergy 2013 will allow for the competing DJ’s to showcase their tricks and mixing skills and techniques with a lesser emphasis being placed on the clash this year which will be a separate component. DJ’s will be allowed to use the medium they are most comfortable with including turntables, Serato or Virtual DJ and will once again utilize a mic man as an added component to their set.

The Grand Prize winner; The Saint Lucia Heineken Green Synergy DJ Ambassador 2013 will receive Cash and product rewards and prizes as well as the opportunity to play at Heineken sponsored events all year long. The winner will also be a guest VIP DJ at the popular Heineken Regatta in St. Maarten.

The public launch of Heineken Green Synergy will kick off this Sunday July 28 at the popular Sabwisha beach in Vieux Fort with the expected Heineken Green Synergy fun and excitement. Past Green Synergy winners will also participate in the event. “We are anticipating the usual support from our fans, the DJ’s and the media as we get set to make Heineken Green Synergy 2013 the Tenth Anniversary Edition, the biggest and best yet,” Gaius Harry says.


CBA Mourns Alan Didier

Alan Didier with wife Jennifer

Alan Didier with wife Jennifer

The Carnival Bands Association is mourning the loss of a fallen soldier. Carnival stalwart Allan Didier passed away on Thursday in the United states.

“His loss brings sadness to the carnival fraternity at a time when we are planning for the island’s biggest cultural showpiece,” said President of the Carnival Bands Association, Sonia Sifflet.

“Alan was a Carnival enthusiast, and was part of the Management of the now defunct Originals Carnival Band. He continued his support to Carnival while in his role of Operations Manager at the Castries City Council, by being the representative on the Select Committee of Stakeholders. Our condolences go out to his wife Jennifer and son,” Sifflet added.