Creativity and Culture at Community Festivals


On Friday April 25th and Sunday April 27th the communities of Anse La Raye and Babonneau respectively, will host what is considered a highlight on their cultural calendar of events. From 10:30 a.m. until 8:00p.m., the Community Festivals will showcase the rich traditions and unique customs of Saint Lucian Culture as well as the artistic talents of its people.

The successful staging of the Anse La Raye Community Festival in 2013, has led to an acceptance of the offer in playing host for a second time. Chorale singing, one of the activities the village of Anse La Raye is synonymous with, will be showcased when that community puts on a display of theatre productions at the Anse la Raye Square. The Anse La Raye Village Council has been working with the Cultural Development Foundation in creating the platform for innovative expression and to assist in the cultural advancement of its community folk.

The Charles Cadet Youth Orchestra skilfully demonstrates the successful handing down of knowledge

community festival

A revival of steel pan in the street as part of the community cultural expression


A boisterous performance from Youth on Fire Ministry in Anse-La-Raye


Kazia Aurelien from the Babonneau Constituency Council, one of the organisers of the event, says “community members have been very receptive to the staging of what will be the first time such an activity will be hosted here. Babonneau is known for its community togetherness and we are looking forward to sharing with Saint Lucians some of the amazing talent the district possesses.” She says plans are moving relatively smoothly for this year’s community festival which will take place on the Catholic Church Grounds. A variety of cultural and creative forms of expression are expected which include poetry, drama, drumming and dance. Afro-centric music is a key highlight of the day’s activity when Belair, Konte and Solo will be featured.


Pre-schoolers take in a community art exhibition


A staple of community arts, the Soufriere Action Theatre

The creative prowess of artists will be on show when individual artists will paint pieces which will subsequently be used to create a collage that will be prominently displayed in a predetermined area of the community. Artists will also engage in the creation of pieces using chalk and charcoal in a sketch-up. Visitors to the community festivals will be invited to vote for their favourite pieces, in the People’s Choice Piece.

The Cultural Development Foundation continues in its efforts to create opportunities to nurture the diverse forms of cultural and artistic expression, that make up the Saint Lucian personality. Community Festivals are one of the activities under the umbrella of the National Arts Festival which serves as an avenue for encouraging that growth.



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