OECS EDU Conducts Training in World Class Manufacturing and Quality Assurance


Roseau October 2nd 2013 The OECS EXPORT DEVELOPMENT UNIT to be renamed the Competitiveness Business Unit is coordinating a series of a one-day sensitization seminars in Principles of Quality Assurance  and World Class Manufacturing  for its Client firms across the Manufacturing/Agri-Business sector.

Manufacturing (44) (1)One of such seminars took place in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines on Tuesday October 1st 2013. Sessions are also scheduled for Grenada, St. Lucia, Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica and St. Kitts/Nevis.

The seminars are towards improving the Quality Management capacity and Business Processes of the unit’s Client Firms. These one day sessions will also discuss valuable principles of business operations that are pertinent for successful market and product development initiatives.

In support of the on-going work program of the pending Competitiveness Business Unit, a range of key subject matters in the area of Quality Assurance and World Class Manufacturing will be presented and proposed for adoption at the firm level.

This intervention is linked to the broader objective of establishing client companies that are compliant to production and marketing requirements as well as standards which in effect position them to become more competitive in the framework of global trade. It is expected that this programme will provide participating firms with the relevant tools and information for decisive action towards a Quality driven culture all aimed at enhancing competitiveness and profitability within the market place.

This training activity is being facilitated by recognized experts in the field of Total Quality Management and World Class Manufacturing.

The workshop  targets CEOs, Company Executives, Quality Professionals, Operation Managers; people  designated by their companies to give leadership to Quality Assurance Departments/Units, Quality Control Labs or Quality Management Teams.

The Export Development Unit (EDU) is the primary institution of the OECS Member States for the development, promotion, and expansion of exports through the mobilization of technical and financial support for the agriculture and manufacturing private sector, as well as the provision of advice and assistance to member Governments and public sector agencies. END


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