Establishing A National Vision Commission


GOSL Coat of armsPrime Minister, Dr. Kenny D. Anthony has written to the Leader of the Opposition to invite him to submit two (2) nominees, who can serve on the proposed National Vision Commission.

The announcement of the formation of a National Vision Commission was made by Her Excellency, the Governor General during her Throne Speech 2013/2014. Subsequently, by Conclusion No. 152 of March 25, 2013, Cabinet agreed to establish this National Vision Commission.  Accordingly, Cabinet agreed as follows:

“The Commission shall comprise a Chairperson plus eleven (11) persons, who will be selected as indicated below:

(a)  Three (3) persons nominated by the Honourable Prime Minister; 

(b)  Two (2) persons nominated by the Honourable Leader of the Opposition;

(c)   Two (2)  persons nominated by Her Excellency the Governor General after consultation with the Prime Minister;

(d)  Four (4) persons nominated by various civil society organizations, mindful of the need to ensure adequate representation of the Private Sector, Youth, the Labour Movement and the Religious Sector; and

(e)   The Chairperson shall be appointed by the Prime Minister after consultation with the Leader of the Opposition.”

The Commission, which shall be for a two year term shall focus on the following critical outcomes and deliverables:

(1)  Mounting a national dialogue through a process of discussion, consultation and consensus building that engages the broadest spectrum of Saint Lucian society;

(2)  The articulation of a national vision:  an expression of a future Saint Lucia   embracing individual, community and collective aspirations, and which  inspires, engages and coheres the population in the process of moving Saint Lucia sustainably forward as a nation; and

(3)   The formulation of a National Strategy:  a framework of strategic initiatives of highest priority to bring about the National Vision.”

The Commission will take into consideration the work undertaken and accomplished during the tenure of former administrations through the Department of National Development.



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