Gov’t Committed to Castries Re-Development Project

Freewinds cruiseship in Port Castries

Freewinds cruiseship in Port Castries

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure, Port Services & Transport, Philip J. Pierre, has indicated that the Government of Saint Lucia is fully committed to the re-development of Port Castries with the view of transforming it into a modern shopping plaza for cruise passengers, visitors and locals.
At a meeting held on March 04, 2013 the Cabinet of the Government of Saint Lucia issued guidance to the Saint Lucia Air & Sea Ports Authority (SLASPA) to allow for further discussions on the matter with Royal Caribbean International (R.C.I.) as it relates to the agreement with the Government.
It must be noted that the United Workers Party (U.W.P.) Government had failed to comply with a number of issues in the agreement and thus making the agreement invalid.
Further, the Government of Saint Lucia Labour Party insisted and indicated to R.C.I. its unwillingness to proceed with the company Asphalt & Mining as a partner in the re-development of Port Castries.
Recent discussions with R.C.I. has indicated that they are presently holding discussions with a potential partner who has indicated an interest and submitted documentation to allow for a full due diligence of the proposed partner.
Government has instructed SLASPA to provide a timeline to R.C.I to finalize discussions with the new partner and to proceed with discussions with other potential partners if that deadline is not forthcoming.
The Government of the Saint Lucia continues to work with SLASPA to move the project forward but will only endorse a reputable partner.


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