Minister for Health Welcomes Ambassador Barford


On behalf of MOH I wish to welcome Ambassador Barford and his wife to our beautiful and sunny St. Lucia, and to our NNH complex facility which comprises the New National Hospital, The Mental Wellness Centre as well as Turning Point Drug Rehabilitation Centre. It is good to have you here Ambassador although we are sorry that you will not have time to take it some of our lovely and exciting West Indies T20 Cricket.

On behalf of the government and people of St. Lucia, I wish to express sincere gratitude and appreciation to the European Union, represent

This project is the brainchild of our Honourable Prime Minister in his plan for Comprehensive Health Care for the people of St. Lucia. We thank him for his vision.ed here today by Ambassador Barford; for this new hospital which will be handed over to the government and people of St. Lucia in the coming months.

It is very important that we recognize the immense contribution made by the European Union to our Health Sector: 

This hospital, which is funded by the European Union and the Government of St. Lucia, is the single, largest investment made by the European Union possibly in the Caribbean, costing over EC 167, million dollars for construction and equipping.

The completion of the New National Hospital will mark a significant milestone for my ministry and my government in our quest to provide an improved quality of health care services to the people of St. Lucia as well as visitors in a state of the art facility.

The Ministry of Health has also benefited from the European Union funded, National Strategic Plan for Health which was released in 2005 and again in the coming months, will be significant benefits to the Health sector under the 10th European Development Fund which amounts to over six million Euros and which will go towards training programmes and the strengthening of Primary Health Care Services.

This New National Hospital when completed will provide modern, quality care to all in St. Lucia. It will be supported by the augmentation of services at the Wellness Centers and Primary Care Facilities, with greater emphasis on primary prevention, specifically through health promotion and the promotion of healthy lifestyles. 

 The overall objective of this facility is the provision of improved secondary care services in Saint Lucia. These services will include:

Outpatient Care: Accident and Emergency, Observation beds, General outpatient clinic, Orthopedics Clinic, Ophthalmology Clinic, ENT Clinic, Children’s outpatient Clinic, STI Clinic, Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic, Day Surgery/Investigation Unit, Dialysis Unit

Inpatient Care: General Acute Wards, Children’s Wards, Obstetrics Wards, Gynecology Wards, Special Care Baby Unit, Intensive Care Unit.

Diagnosis and Treatment: Pathology Laboratory, Radiology, Operating theatres, Delivery Suite, Physiotherapy.

Medical Support: Pharmacy, Central Sterile Supply, Medical Records, Offices and Library, Mortuary

General Support: Hospital Administration, other Administration, Meeting Rooms, Main Entrances/shops, Chapel, Telephones, Building Maintenance, Laundry, Kitchen, Staff Dining, Goods Receipt/Distribution, On-Call Suite, Staff Changing Rooms.

Upon completion of construction phase, this facility is scheduled to undergo a process of commissioning for a period of approximately 6 months.  This commissioning process will include activities such as equipping, outfitting of kitchen and laundry, signage among others.


In the coming months the MOH along with other agencies and partners will continue to address significant issues pertaining to Public Relations, Statutorisation and Governance, Legislation,  Budget and finance, Information Technology, Change Mangement issues, Human Resources, Operational policies and procedures, transition and occupancy Decommissioning of Victoria Hospital.

The staff of the Ministry of Health will continue to work diligently to ensure these systems are implemented in a timely and through manner. This process will involve consulting and collaborating with our partners, stakeholders, Government agencies and departments. This will be a Labour of Love to realize a product which we all will be proud of.


In closing, we wish to acknowledge the significant work of former Ambassador Diaz and his team since the inception of this project and as well as Ambassador Barford who is committed to its continuation. Honourable Prime Minister and Minister for Finance and staff of his Ministry for support, guidance and of course resources.

Other ministries and department heads, staff members and partners. I wish to commend specially the hard working staff of the Ministry of Health.

EU Infrastructure Programme Officer

Sir Frederick Snow Site Supervisor

Senior Manager INSO

NAO’s Office

All who continue to make invaluable contributions towards the realization of this healthy dream. We look forward with great anticipation for its opening as we continue to recognize the time, talents and treasures of the EU and the government of St. Lucia.

I thank you    


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