Television Talk Show by Dr. Gale Rigobert Launched

Dr. Gale (R) as a guest on Dolor Factor Live with Delia Dolor (L)

Dr. Gale (R) as a guest on Dolor Factor Live with Delia Dolor (L)

The St. Lucian society is no longer bound by or limited to its historical experience and current happenings on a 238sq mile rock! Increasingly St. Lucians are exposed to a whirlwind of information conveyed through various media, thanks to the most recent information communications technological (ICT) revolution, and the advent of the Internet, cable television and social media.

Cultures and belief systems are struggling to maintain their authenticity in what is a revolving world of rabid and competing ideologies and perspectives. The plethora of ideas and concepts in circulation instead of elucidating can trigger mass confusion. Moreover, the art of converting information to knowledge is not as readily understood as one might imagine.

Connecting the Dots endeavours to make sense of the many issues, concerns, initiatives, current events, ideologies and multiple “truths” and how they impact our lives. The holism of man requires an equally multifaceted engagement that seeks to speak to one’s desire to know, to become, to understand and to be.

Connecting the Dots will reflect the linguistic dexterity of our society, the collective intellectual wealth of our people, our cultural richness, keen curiosity and thirst for information and knowledge.

Connecting the Dots is a 60 minute program that will be televised weekly. Connecting the Dots aims to
• Inspire,Connecting the Dots
• Educate,
• Enlighten,
• Entertain and
• Excite.

The host Dr. Gale T C Rigobert is an academic, author and development consultant whose forté is in international relations and social and economic development of small states. Dr. Gale Rigobert is also the parliamentary representative for Micoud North.

The launch will take place at the Bay Gardens Beach Resort on Tuesday 8th January from 6:30 – 8:30pm.

For further information please contact Dr. Rigobert at 451-4444 or 284-0048 or via email


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