Labowi Promotions Launches Jazz at The Village


Labowi Promotions and Jazz in the South are pleased to announce the launch of Jazz at the Village, a concert series aimed at presenting the best of Saint Lucia’s jazz music and musicians, with occasional guests from elsewhere in the Caribbean, and beyond.

Ricky Francois at Jazz in the South 2012

Ricky Francois at Jazz in the South 2012

The launch is part of Nobel Laureate Week, and will take place at 7:00pm on Friday 25 January 2013 at the Laborie Market Square. “We are very pleased that the Nobel Laureate Week Committee has agreed to make this one of the events of the Week”, says Augustin Barthelmy of Labowi Promotions, “because the idea of Jazz at the Village is precisely to celebrate excellence, the excellence of Creole Jazz, of Caribbean music and of Saint Lucian talent”.

Jazz at the Village is a free event that will take place every last Friday of the month, until the opening of Jazz in the South in Laborie on May 1st. The second concert will coincide with the celebration of Saint Lucia’s independence on Friday 22 February.

“With this series of monthly concerts”, says Barthelmy, “we want to expand the impact of the Jazz festival and make sure that large audiences are able to discover and appreciate Caribbean Jazz and other forms of creative modern music. This is what Jazz in the South is all about. Jazz should not only be an annual event, it should be featured throughout the year and at many venues”.

For this opening concert, Jazz at the Village will feature two highly talented and committed Saint Lucian musicians, who have both performed at previous editions of Jazz in the South. The concert will begin with a performance by Wendell Richards, a Laborian who has been performing since the age of 16. His music incorporates a fusion of his favourite musical styles including Reggae, Jazz/Blues, R & B and Calypso, and he is constantly looking for ways of fusing the different styles in the music that he plays.

The second part of the concert will feature Ricardo Francois and Jazzmin. Francois, one of the Caribbean’s finest drummer, will offer an innovative and progressive interpretation of Creole Jazz, with original compositions and performance of work by some of the greatest composers. “Francois has been a strong and active supporter of Jazz in the South since the very beginning, and it is only fitting that he would be featured at this launch of Jazz at the Village”, said Barthelmy.

Jazz at the Village is made possible thanks to the generous participation of the artists and to the support of the Nobel Laureate Week Committee, Bank of Saint Lucia, the Laborie Cooperative Credit Union, Alliance Française, Xtra Luv, MCE Sounds and the Laborie Village Council.


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