Man Shot in Attempted Robbery


On Monday 31 December 2012 about 12:20am, Officers attached to the Criminal Investigations Department responded to an incident which occurred at Bocage, Castries.

On arrival, they received information that a police officer had parked his motor car registration number PJ 4652 near the SDA Church at Bocage. Upon returning he found a male individual seated in the front of the vehicle attempting to remove the car’s stereo set. In attempting to apprehend the male individual, the police officer was assaulted. A scuffle ensued resulting in the suspect being shot in the leg. The suspect then fled the scene. A search was conducted of the area but he wasn’t found.

About 4:00 am, Officers were summoned to the Accident and Emergency Room of Victoria Hospital. They received information that Shan Lamontagne of Bocage was treated and admitted for gunshot wounds. Shan Lamontagne is currently in a stable condition at the said hospital. Investigations into the matter are ongoing.


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