Volunteer Saint Lucia on International Volunteer Day, 5th December, 2012


Volunteer St. LuciaVolunteer Saint Lucia joins the International Community in observance of International Volunteer Day (IVD).  This Day was designated by the United Nations in 1985 as one to celebrate the power and potential of volunteerism. It is an opportunity for volunteers, and volunteering organizations, to raise awareness of, and gain recognition for, the contribution they make to their communities.

In this vein, Volunteer Saint Lucia seeks to add value to national events and community life in Saint Lucia through an elite pool of skilled, trained and experienced volunteers, whose attitudes, skills and knowledge will be tapped to support these experiences. The mission is to create a renewed spirit of volunteerism in the country by recruiting, training, certifying and celebrating volunteers, while encouraging and organizing challenging volunteer opportunities through strengthened coalitions with the private sector and civil society.

Cyril J SaltibusNational Volunteer Programme Coordinator

Cyril J Saltibus
National Volunteer Programme Coordinator

The act of volunteering is found in all cultures, languages, and religions. Every year, hundreds of millions of people volunteer their time and skills to help make the world a better place. When they volunteer, they help to improve the lives of others. And when they volunteer, they also gain a greater sense of belonging to their communities.

On December 5th people around the world will celebrate International Volunteer Day with rallies, parades, volunteer fairs, group clean ups, blood donations, conferences, exhibitions, fundraising, workshops and volunteer recognition events.

To play our part on this occasion, Volunteers and volunteer organizations are urged to start collecting photos and stories of acts of volunteerism by Saint Lucians both at home and abroad. The idea is to develop a mural in tribute to volunteerism along with the stories of volunteers, to be unveiled on the occasion of Saint Lucia’s 37th Independence celebrations in February 2013.


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