NICE Christmas Jobs for Students


(Castries, Saint Lucia, October 22, 2012) The National Initiative to Create Employment (NICE) is continuing its efforts to reduce the level of unemployment on Saint Lucia.

Through established partnerships with private and public sector organizations, over 200 students between the ages of 16 and 25 can look forward to earning some much needed cash which will help with expenses upon their return to school in January.

“Our aim here is really to assist students defray some of the costs associated with going back to school. It’s an opportune time for employers as well, as they will need the extra help during the Christmas rush. We are asking therefore that the various companies who are seeking additional staff during this usually hectic period, register with us at the NICE Office so that we can provide them with the requisite personnel,” remarks Perry Thomas, Coordinator of the NICE Program. “We also see this as a chance for students to gain some work experience which they can add to their Résumé later on,” he adds.

The two-week Program will run from December 10th to 24th. Students can apply online at

Since its official launch in June of this year, close to 2000 Saint Lucians are now engaged in gainful employment activities as a result of this multi-million dollar stimulus Program. NICE intends to increase that figure before the end of this fiscal year.

NICE operates out of the Office of the Prime Minister and can be contacted on or 468 2177. Visit for more information.



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