CDF Lantern Workshops and Competition 2012


The Cultural Development Foundation is calling all interested persons who wish to participate in this year’s Lantern Making Workshops to register with us at Barnard Hill in Castries.Three workshops will be held at CDF to teach how to make colorful lanterns. The workshops will set the stage for the CDF Lantern Competition and the National Festival of Lights in December.

Preregistration is required to ensure participants will have access to materials to build lanterns at workshops. To sign up, visit us at Barnard Hill between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.

The Lantern Competition will be at the end of the workshops, plus your lantern will be featured at the Festival of Lights Ceremony!  The great thing about the classes is that afterwards you’ll have the skills to make lanterns for any event, like a birthday party, wedding, shower, BBQ or picnic.

The workshops, competition and festival are organised by the Cultural Development Foundation to educate and create understanding of our cultures and traditions.


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