An Opportunity for Everyone

Government is encouraging citizens to take advantage   of the ongoing Construction Stimulus Programme which has resulted in  noticeable price reductions on select building materials island-wide. The   eighteen month programme was launched on August 21, 2012.

Under this programme, Government has removed a range   of taxes levied on products such as paints, lumber, sand, cement and fencing   materials among others. No Value Added Tax will be paid on these items until   February, 2014.

In some cases, consumers are enjoying approximately   41% reduction in the retail prices of items included in this package.   Consumers also have an opportunity to secure mortgages at reduced interest   rates from participating banks and in addition, benefit from lower legal fees   on mortgages.

While prices may vary at retail outlets, a general   analysis of the change in price in a few building materials in one   participating business are as follows:

ITEM                                                    PRIOR TO STIMULUS   ($)                 POST   STIMULUS  ($)

Plywood, T1-11 5/8 Deco Treated             119.95                                                   109.50

Cement                                                   23.45                                                     19.05

½” Steel                                                  20.50                                                     16.95

2x4x20 ryppt                                           59.95                                                     47.75

2x6x20 dyppt                                          74.00                                                     68.25

Plywood, 5/8 Red Edge                            99.95                                                     86.25

Plywood, Exterior Sanded ½                     79.95                                                     71.75

Berger Wood Primer                                 85.00                                                     79.95

¼ Interior Ply                                          48.95                                                     41.95

Source: True   Value Building and Hardware Supplies (Oct 17, 2012)

*There may be   slight variations in prices as there are other factors which affect prices.

The Government of Saint Lucia continues to ensure   that there is increased access to land through the Proud Programme, the   National Housing Corporation and the National Development Corporation.

Certainly, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity,   and Government urges citizens to make full use of it.



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