“I Am Beautiful Day” Celebrated Tomorrow


WELLNESS INNOVATORS, a multidisciplinary team of health care professionals whose mandate is to create a culture of health awareness, collaborates with ATLANTIC UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE (AUSOM) in executing the 2012 I AM BEAUTIFUL DAY. The event has received the endorsement of the Ministry of Education and will be celebrated at all Secondary Schools on the island on Friday 12th October under the theme WORTHY TO BE HEALTHY.

Last year Wellness Innovators delivered presentations to the general assembly at each school with an emphasis on awareness of sexually transmitted infections, oral hygiene and emotional health.

This year the unique collaboration of WELLNESS INNOVATORS and AUSOM will remind every student that they are beautiful and worthy to be healthy. Students of Atlantic University School of Medicine will facilitate health expositions at the schools while the collaboration works to foster the sharing of uplifting words and deeds among the student population.

Anyone interested in supporting or contributing to the “I AM BEAUTIFUL DAY” 2012 is invited to contact WELLNESS INNOVATORS at telephone number 458-2623 or email info@wellnessinnovators.com.




Tel# (758) 458-2623/488-2614/285-9321


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