Sundays ‘Blotjé En Choiseul’


The Choiseul Development Foundation in collaboration with the Cultural Development Foundation (CDF) presents ‘Choiseul Expo 2012’ ‘BLOTJÉ EN CHOISEUL’ from Sunday 16th September to Monday 1st October 2012.

This initiative is intended to encourage the preservation and popularisation of various cultural forms and their derivatives which are unique to the district. The Festival will include:-

Ras Isley Drumming

Arts & culture will be on display in Choiseul

  • Visual Arts
  • Craft
  • Traditional Sports
  • Agricultural and Culinary Traditions
  • Carnival
  • Calypso
  • Music, Drumming, Dance (and other performing and expressive arts)

The main components will be the Choiseul Music Festival. This will feature Choiseul Artists including Meshach and the Unity Band and headliners of St Lucia Calypso 2012. The signature event will be the Craft and Agricultural Exhibition on the La Fargue Playing Field from Sunday 30th September to Monday 1st October.  Along with these will be the Choiseul famous J’ Ouvert Party and Parade of Carnival Bands.

All St. Lucians are invited to fully participate in ‘Blotjé En Choiseul’ from September 16, to October 1.

Blotjé Choiseul Cultural Festival Program

Date Time Activity Venue Remarks
Sunday 16th–   September 3:00pm-8:00pm Mini Launch Market Square
  •   Introduction   of events & bands to the public
  •   Performance   by calypsonians
  •   Opportunity   for bands to raise funds
Sunday 23rd   September 10:30am-3:00pm Sports

  •   Road   Relay
  •   Bike   Relay
  •   Walarbar
  •   Ti   Truck Competition
  •   Skipping   Rope Competition
  •   Marble   Competition
  •   Beach   Volleyball
  •   Kous-Kanot
Choiseul Village
  •   Traditional   & Local Music
Sunday 30th   September 1:00pm



Craft & Agricultural   Festival


Choiseul Country Festival

La Fargue Playing Field



  •   Art   and Craft Market, Exhibition and Competition.
  •   Prizes   for product presentation, packaging, booth design


  •   Agricultural   Expo, exhibition sale and competition.
  •   Performances   by local groups and artists
  •   Choiseul’s   major social activity.  This will be a   major fund raising event managed by the St Vincent DePaul Church Group.
Monday 1st   October 4:30am



Jour ‘ Overt


Craft & Agricultural   Festival & Parade of Bands

Sugar Plum to Choiseul   Village


La Fargue Playing Field

  •   Pre   Jour ‘Overt party at Sugar plum
  •   Old   Mas


  •   Parade   of Bands from La Fargue to Choiseul Village
  •   Continuation   of craft and agricultural exhibition

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