Heineken Green Synergy Semi-Finals This Sunday


Sixteen semi-finalists have been chosen, following two rounds of preliminary competition in the 2012 Heineken Green Synergy DJ Competition. On Friday August 17, the first round of competition hosted by MC Pringles was held before a mammoth crowd at the WLBL Car park in Vieux Fort where fourteen DJ’s vied for a spot in the semi-finals. This was the more intense of the two rounds, with well known DJ’s like Sly Eli, DJ Spy and Mega B participating. It also featured a showdown between two female DJ’s, a first for Heineken Green Synergy here. The match-up featured DJ Lovely, one of the first females to compete in the competition, making it to the finals last year and newcomer DJ Kissy. This was a clash which the crowd thoroughly enjoyed.

Another intense moment last Friday was when newcomers Silver Mic and Atta had their encounter. However Silver Mic appeared to be going after last year’s winner Selecta Twis who was back-stage but stepped onto the stage when his name was called out by the Hot FM DJ. This sparked a flurry of talk about the two coming up against each other in the finals.

The second round of competition was held on Sunday August 19 at Pigeon Point where sixteen DJ’s were paired up for the event. The large crowd there witnessed a number of new comers who appeared to have fared better than a number of DJ’s who had competed in the event before. Thurum, Scratch and DJ Quaine were among the competing DJ’s on Sunday.

At the end of both rounds, a panel of three judges selected the top sixteen DJ’s based on the top scores, to go to the semi-finals.

The sixteen semi finalists who will compete this Sunday August 26 at the Ka Ka Bef in Vieux Fort are DJ Mega B, Sly Eli, DJ Spy, Thurum, DJ Lovely, DJ Flexx, Wizzle, DJ Atta, Stain, M -Style, DJ C-4, DJ Kissy, Omega, Silver Mic, DJ Liquid and DJ Smokey. The competing DJ’s will be paired and each DJ winning their round will qualify for the finals automatically. They will then come up against the reigning Heineken Green Synergy DJ Champion Selecta Twis on Sunday September 2, 2012 at Fond D’or, Dennery.

The Heineken Green Synergy DJ Competition is an annual summer long event now in its ninth year. This year the event is being promoted under the “Heineken H-Marks the spot” tag line. This year the event is being aired on DBS TV every Tuesday at 8 PM with repeats on Fridays and Sundays.



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