Sabwisha Welcomes the Launch of Heineken Green Synergy 2012


DJ Lovely hyping it up

“H” most definitely marked the spot last Sunday August 5, 2012 for the public launch of Heineken Green Synergy as the event was “High-energy,” “Hyperactive” and laced with “Honeyed” ladies as well, decked out for the occasion.The customary large crowd turned out last Sunday for the launch of the 9thannual Heineken Green Synergy DJ competition at Sabwisha, Choiseul, a venue that has grown in popularity for the event over the years. And, despite the mandatory 10 PM shut off time by the police, the incident free event drew favourable feedback from those who attended.

A crowd hungry for the synergy

Sunday’s launch, which also served as a platform for competing DJ’s for Heineken Green Synergy DJ’s to register, was powered by Power Plus which featured a return appearance by MC Atomic. The launch also introduced a comeback to the “clash” forum by DJ Cleus who came up against DJ Lovely. The event also featured the 2011 Heineken Green Synergy champion Selecta Twis, DJ HP, DJ Run it Red and appearances by Superman HD and Mack 11.


Green gold indeed

Now that all the fine tuning and warming up is over, it is now time for the “Battle Royale” of DJ competitions here. The “H” spot of the first competition for Heineken Green Synergy 2012 will be Pigeon Point this Sunday August 12, with early juggling by guest DJ’s and Power Plus sounds from 2 PM. Thereafter, a number of DJ’s will encounter one another to see who will qualify for a spot at the semi-final round two weeks later.

Going green

Heineken Green Synergy 2012 will feature two rounds of competition, August 12 and August 17, followed by the semi-final on August 26 and the grand final September 2 at Fond D’or Dennery.

For more information contact; Heineken Brand Manager Gaius Harry, 1758 720 4612


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