Rugby Goes South With Northern Calalloo & Southern Bouillon Challenge


The St. Lucia Rugby Football Union (SLRFU) on Saturday 28 July, 2012 held its first ever “north vs. south” rugby game on the Piaye playing field. This was a new initiative for the union where members from the southern part of the island played their counterparts from the north.

The Southern Bouillon members attacked with full force playing some of their overseas British players, Joseph Page, Joel Martin, Michael Huntbach and Ken Charles who is based in St. Lucia. The Southerners wasted no time and kept their Northern Calaloo counterparts at bay.

Calaloo quickly retaliated by settling down and soon took control of the game. Lenford Eugene scored the first try with ease after a quick pass. Edlon Charlery and Jerry Charles joined Eugene where the three scored a total of nine trys.

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In the final half the Southerners came out fast and furious and played a very spirited game. The Southerners brought to a complete halt the  “big trucks” of the north  Akim Hubert, Imran Williams and Arthur Joseph whilst the extremely vocal roger butcher and Chantel John help marshal the northerners  to victory. John the lone female player on the field was full of energy and technique.  The Northerers defeated the counterparts from the south nine trys to three.

The Union hopes that this  event will become a more regular one. This initiative was taken to help encourage the young and vibrant players from the south and to continue to promote the sport in the south. The Southern Bouillon team comprised of Elvin Joseph, Kevin Paul, Tyson Myers and Johnson Berrance, Ervin Joseph Joe Page, Joel martin. Michael Huntbach, Ken Charles, Vince, Manus, Ken Paul and Shenniel Anew

Members of the Northern Calaloo were Chantel John, Wedrel St. Clair, Arthur Joseph, Imran William, Akim Herbert, Roger Butcher, Jerry Charles, Lenford Eugene, Edlon Charlery, Andrew Joseph and Simon Kelsey

The referee for the match was Shaun Alcindor, physo Zhenya Allain and Electra Marcelle who helped out on the side lines.  The Union wishes to thank Caribbean Coaching and Ken Charles for their continued and unwavering support and development of the south players and for the use of the field.

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