Piton Officially Closes Chapter of 2012 Carnival Season


On Thursday July 26, 2012 Piton Beer brought the curtains down officially on its involvement in “Looshan Mas” this year. This was one month after formally being declared the official beer of Saint Lucia’s carnival; a month which saw Piton being involved in all major aspects of Saint Lucia’s Carnival which ended here July 17.

“As the incoming brand manager of Piton Beer, this was a most challenging yet exhilarating experience for me, but I must say it had its rewards and we are happy that generally Saint Lucians and visitors alike continue to support the Piton brand,” Rohan Lovence Piton Brand Manager says. “We are also happy that we were able to not just sponsor events and persons this year, but we were able to share our expertise, help with some of the carnival branding and stage some of our own events as well,” he added.

Thursday saw the culmination of Piton’s flagship carnival event, Piton Soca Starz with a prize giving ceremony at WLBL Vide Boutielle in Castries. The event which kicked off on May 18, 2012 and ended with a grand final on June 30, 2012 literally jump-started the carnival season. Piton Soca Starz was eventually won by J. Budz who on Thursday received his winning trophy and a check for EC$3,000 dollars. He will also have a recording funded by Piton as well as a music video to be filmed and aired by TEMPO.

In second place was Soca Bandit receiving EC$2,000 and Blick Productions in third with EC$1,000. A number of prizes were also awarded to the finalists of this year’s Piton Soca Starz including the award for most entertaining song of Piton Soca Starz going to Soca Psycho with “Gallop” and creative song award going to JB with “Mug or Glass.”  Another performer and consistent Soca Starz participant and finalist Lime Juice was named the most driven and passionate Soca Starz performer.

Rohan Lovence on Thursday thanked all of the Piton Soca Starz 2012 performers for helping make the event a resounding success. “We want to assure you that this is not the end of the road and that you are now part of the Piton family. We will be calling on you for some of our future events and do not hesitate to call on us if there is any way we can assist you as well,” he added. The brand manager also took time out to thank individuals like Mareen Alexander, Nicole David, Q-Pid, Ian Sanchez, Courtney Louis, Toni Nicholas and Mahauney Augier for their invaluable assistance, advice and judging skills. Invader was also singled out for sharing his knowledge and experience with the Piton Soca Starz finalists during a workshop as well as all of the guest performers like Ricky T, Mongstar, Ambi, Sergia, Superman HD, Scady and Ilaman and the media for their support.

On Thursday the Piton Brand Manager took time to congratulate all the winners of Carnival particularly Road March winner Soca Psycho and band of the year Rituals and third place winner “Just 4 Fun” sponsored by Piton. “We are also proud of the Soca and Calypso winners including TJ, 2012 Groovy Monarch, Power Soca Monarch Superman HD, Calypso Monarch Nintus and Road March winner our very own Soca Psycho,” Lovence says. He went on to praise former Piton Soca Starz participants like the 2010 Piton Soca Starz winner Mongstar, 2011 Piton Soca Starz winner Sergia and the current Piton Soca Star for making it to the finals of national competitions and creating wonderful songs which peppered the carnival season. “All of you have made us proud and you are testimony that Piton Soca Starz is indeed a breeding ground for future Soca acts here in Saint Lucia. Ambi for example, who placed second at the first ever Piton Soca Starz has risen to prominence this year placing third at the Groovy finals and second place in the Power finals and we want to congratulate him for his success,” Lovence announced.

“The future of Carnival seems to be in good hands with these young energetic performers as well as young revelers such as those from the Extreme Junior carnival band which was supported by Piton Malta,” Rohan Lovence noted.

This year Piton was also the presenting sponsor of Piton Party in the Yard as well as sponsors of Cooler Lime, Wet fete, Outrageous Sexy in Black, Colour Me Red, Mudsters J’Ouvert band as well as the community carnivals. One of the Carnival queen contestants, Sherwinner Eleutere was also sponsored by Piton.

Mas Fever on HTS, Carnival Central on RCI and Piton Boom Shot on the Wave were all carnival programs sponsored by Piton this year.

“We just want to say thanks to everyone for allowing us to be a part of this great cultural showpiece, to all of you who supported Piton Beer and our events as well. We want to assure you that Piton is here to stay and already we are planning the way forward for Carnival 2013 as we get ready to celebrate 20 years of Piton Beer in October this year. So keep drinking Piton Beer, responsibly of course, and may the joyous memories of Carnival 2012 live on forever,” Rohan Lovence ends by saying.



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