Heineken Unveils Plans for the Hottest Summer in Saint Lucia


The present Summer, at a current high of 31 degrees Celsius, is about to get much hotter. That was the declaration of Gaius Harry, Brand Manager of Heineken Saint Lucia, when he unveiled the Summer long activations of the world most famous beer here in Saint Lucia. “The only remedy will be cold Heineken best enjoyed at -3 degrees C,” Harry pronounced last Wednesday.

The occasion was the launch of Heineken’s Summer long program here in Saint Lucia which will fall under the branding “H-marks the spot.” Under this banner will be the ever popular Heineken Green Synergy which rolls into action next week. The plans were made public at a press brief on Wednesday July 25, 2012 at the WLBL office in Vide Boutielle.

At Wednesday’s event Harry stated that over the last eight years, summertime here in Saint Lucia has been synonymous with Heineken, thanks to the success of the ever popular Heineken Green Synergy. He went on to thank in particular, all of the DJ’s who have participated in Heineken Green Synergy over the years, the media and the fans for their support. “Without you, our success would not be etched in Saint Lucian history as having the best summer long parties over the last eight years,” Harry said.

This year, Heineken will begin its Summer long program of activities with the “Heineken-H-marks the spot” motor treasure hunt on Wednesday August 1, 2012, a public holiday. Spearheading this event is Toni Nicholas who explained Wednesday that the activity was not a race to the finish, but points will be awarded to teams of four for collecting clues around the island at “H-marks the spot” venues. These areas will include the venues where Heineken Green Synergy will be held this year. “Participants will be drawn from teams of four, selected from a pool of WLBL Staff and friends as well as associates of WLBL including media participants and the wider public,” Nicholas announced Wednesday. “It is expected to be a fun activity with the added reward of winning some fantastic prizes from Heineken including cash,” he added. Interested persons can contact WLBL for more information. The event will culminate with a holiday lime and fun activities at a popular hang-out spot here.

“This year Heineken Green Synergy will be embraced by the “Heineken H-marks the spot” concept,” Harry reiterated adding that Green Synergy is back, bigger, better and hotter for the 9th season. 

“Once again, Heineken Green Synergy will be a DJ competition open to residence of Saint Lucia 18 and over, both male and female and we are in search of talent from all across the island,” announced the Heineken brand manager. “The format this year will allow for the competing DJ’s to showcase their tricks and mixing skills and techniques with a lesser emphasis being placed on the clash this year. DJ’s will be allowed to use the medium they are most comfortable with including turntables, Serato or Virtual DJ and will once again utilize a mic man as an added component to their set,” Harry added. Registration to participate in this event is free.

The Grand Prize winner; The Saint Lucia Heineken Green Synergy DJ Ambassador 2012 will receive Cash and product rewards and prizes as well as the opportunity to play at Heineken sponsored events all year long. This year, Heineken Green Synergy will be dishing out a total of EC$20,000 in cash and prizes with prizes also going to the second and third place winners of the event.

The public launch of Heineken Green Synergy is on August 5, with competitions on August 12, August 17 and August 26. The grand finals of Heineken Green Synergy will be September 2, 2012.

Besides the Treasure Hunt and Heineken Green Synergy, the “H-marks the spot,” activation will also include giveaways and sweepstakes, bar promotions and club events across the island.

“We’ve all had unforgettable Summers; memories of romance, countryside escapades, our first overseas trips, graduations, beach picnics; well picture all of these if you may, rolled into one, and you will get a glimpse of the summer Heineken has in store for all of you who dare to open your world to new experiences this summer,” affirmed Gaius Harry Wednesday.

August 1 to September 2, 2012 belongs to Heineken, The H-Spot and You. Can you endure the heat? The choice is yours!


For more information Contact:

Heineken Brand Manager Gaius Harry, 1758 720 4612


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