Canaries Youth Say Yes to ProjectCan


ProjectCan has caught on fire and is on again this year. Last year the “hype” Youth Club from Canaries put together what they described as a “Massive” Summer Program. This year it’s one again under the theme “Building Blocks- To Spice it up!”

The Summer Program began on Monday with training for facilitators and other interested youth. In keeping up with ProjectCan’s theme, activities focussed on building “chemistry” among members. This included a hike deep into the waterfall area, a debate and a special event on Friday.

This will be followed by two weeks of fun and education for the children in the community.

In 2011 the program gave young people an exhilarating week of experiencing what their country offers as tourists. They bathed in the Sulphur Springs, enjoyed lunch by the river and took tours. This was an eye-opening experience for these young individuals.

This year the programme is expected to bring an even more exciting line up of activities.


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