Local Author to Launch Motivational Book


Author hosts his first book launch and signing with a foreword by St Lucia’s Prime Minister

First time Saint Lucian author Elijah Anatole

CASTRIES — Saturday, July 21, 2012 — St Lucia’s newest writer/author, Elijah N. Anatole has published his first book entitled, REDISCOVER YOUR LIFE to be launched on Tuesday 24th July at the Bay Gardens Beach Resort. The event is scheduled to kick off from 6:00 pm with special invited guest and Prime Minister of St Lucia, Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony.

Dr Anthony, who also wrote the foreword to the book, will be reading his foreword at the event.

“It is remarkable that a young man, just twenty nine years old, can seek to inspire and to heal lives through the power of his thoughts and his beliefs. Clearly, if he has not had his full passage through life and chooses to write a book that seeks to invite his readers to explore the mysteries of their existence, then it is reasonable to assume that he has something unique to offer, be it uncanny judgment, intellect or wisdom beyond his years.

“This is a book for everyone. It is written for those who are wounded and in search of healing; those seeking renewal of faith and hope, those who are in search of answers to the mysteries of life, those who simply want to explore the human condition. It is written against our own sociological complexity. The writer approaches his subjects warmly, lucidly, engagingly, yet at times his approach seems almost clinical,” said Dr Anthony.

According to Anatole, Rediscover Your Life is a self-help, motivational and inspirational book geared at promoting positive change and development. The book provides an “author’s philosophy on life” and was born out of many motivational articles posted to Facebook. The articles received great reviews and testimonials of how they have positively impacted the lives of its readers.

Anatole said after much encouragement from friends and family, he decided to put together a book that addresses many of the issues that people go through on a daily basis. He hopes this book will provide hope, comfort and answers to the many problems that affect his readers.

“This is a book for everyone. It is written for those who are wounded and in search of healing” Prime Minister of St Lucia, Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony.

Rediscover Your Life, he says, is a complete, integrated, principles-centered approach to living a fulfilled life. With thought-provoking insights on how to live a happier life to dealing with marriage and relationships to dealing with death and dying, this book reveals a step-by-step pathway to finally live in peace regardless of your surroundings. If you have been frustrated with life, your dreams, ideas, relationships, love and finding peace in a turbulent life, this book will show you how to bring out the best in you in order to overcome these obstacles.

Rediscover Your Life has already attracted a growing interest among many of St Lucia’s youth and even renowned citizens.

The book can be purchased at Sunshine Book Store and AF Valmont Book Salon for EC $55.00. Copies of the book will also be available for purchase at the event and will be signed by the author.


Contact: Elijah Anatole




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