Executive Overview – ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System


The Saint Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association (SLHTA) in collaboration with Moz Management Consulting conducted an Executive Overview of ISO 9001:2008. The three hour presentation was held at the Palm Haven Hotel in Rodney Bay and was facilitated by Ms Betty Combie, who is the Process and Systems Management Consultant.

The presentation was facilitated by Ms Betty Combie – Process and Systems Management Consultant.

Quality Management System is in simple terms, the way an organization directs and controls its activities associated with quality. The quality of a product or service is defined as all those features of that product or service that are required by the customer. Further to that, there are other elements such as the organizational structure, planning, processes, resources and documentation associated with this system.

In attendance at the presentation were members of the accommodation, allied and statutory corporation sector. It was a very interactive session and the participants were quite satisfied and all shared similar views about the presentation. “The presentation was exceptional and very interactive. Everyone participated in the question and answer segments and it was worth my three hours. I think we should have more presentations like this one because it helps in providing a better service to our customers” says Cheryl Gustave from Bay Gardens Resorts. Ms Barbara Antoine also shared the similar sentiments, “I think that this was a great presentation and is very applicable to the Saint Lucia National Trust. I am actually going to use it shortly, since I was in the process of implementing a similar system for the trust. So therefore, I think this came at the right time.”

Ms. Betty Combie is also a new member of the SLHTA and is available should you require her expertise not only on Quality Management System, but also in other areas of training and development.


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