It has been an exciting time for young Sean Francois over the past few weeks as he realized and surpassed one of the biggest dreams of his young life and promises of even more to come in his immediate future.Just two weeks

SLHTA pays tribute to Sean Francois and recognises his achievements

ago the 11-year-old student of Bonne Terre Preparatory School learnt that he had placed fourth on the island in the overall Common Entrance Examination, making it into St. Mary’s College with a pass rate of 93%.

The second son of Alison and Dr. Sylvestre Francois, Sean has always been extraordinarily interested in cooking for a child so young. His mother remembers that as a toddler, he always wanted to be around anyone in the kitchen to observe their cooking. Sean’s mother remembers vividly her son’s tender passion for the culinary arts and he is an avid viewer of the Food Network and once harassed her to buy him an assortment of ingredients to sample different flavours and also to eat out regularly to experience various styles of cooking.

Sean’s aspiration is to become a world class chef and attend a prestigious culinary school. This desire was understood at an early age when he explained his ambition to his older brother, by simply stating, “I live to eat and not eat to live.”

When the Francois family expressed a desire to attend last Saturday’s “Golden Dish Dinner” at the Landings Resort that showcased the winning dishes of Saint Lucia’s Culinary Team at the recently held Taste the Caribbean Culinary Competition in Miami; and upon hearing of this young man’s achievement at Common Entrance and of his interest in the culinary arts, the Saint Lucia Hotels and Tourism Association (SLHTA) wanted to recognize him for his outstanding performance at his exam and to motivate him in aspiring for his goal buy showcasing the skills of our awarded chefs from the Saint Lucia Culinary Team.In addition to providing young Sean with a complimentary ticket to attend the three course gourmet dinner, the SLHTA’s Executive Vice President Noorani Azeez paid tribute to the young man and his achievements, lauding his dreams to become a master Chef in front of the room of esteemed guests. Sean was also surprised by a generous gesture of a one week summer internship at any of the home properties of the Saint Lucia Culinary Team Members.

A jubilant Sean expressed his delight at this opportunity, and the aspiring chef and his budding palate expressed pleasure in the appetizer: “Duo of Cheese” – Cream and Blue Cheese Ravioli served with herb crusted Brie and Chicken Roulade with a Spicy Cheese Sauce.

SLHTA Honours Common Entrance 4th Place Aspiring Chef


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