Red Unlimited on Change in Carnival Results


Red Unlimited wishes to express its deep disappointment in the manner in which the Carnival Bands Association (CBA) has handled the judging of bands in this year’s Carnival parade. We are of the view that the approach used was unprofessional and lacking in respect for due process and procedure.  Red Unlimited confirms that it attended a meeting of the CBA on Wednesday. At the meeting, it was explained that the tabulation of points were incorrectly done and therefore when properly done presented a revised ranking. From the onset even before the revised ranking was presented, Red Unlimited questioned whether the Co-ordinator of Judges could re-tabulate the scores after the auditors had already sanctioned the scores and it had been announced as final and official.

It was explained that it was the meeting of CBA which had the authority to revise the scores. Red Unlimited expressed its position as such:

1. It needed to be determined what is the proper process for appeals in such matters:

2. That it has to be determined who is the legitmate authority to overturn, if possible, the issue of final and official results:

3. That Red Unlimited request full disclosure of all information relating to scoring and tabulation:

4. That Red Unlimited would need time to have internal consultation as the revision had serious implication for the Band.

The meeting agreed to provide Red Unlimited with twenty-four (24) hours to formally state its position and case to the CBA. In addition, it was promised by the meeting that the necessary information will be provided.

Accordingly, Red Unlimited was shocked to note the issuance of a public statement by the CBA/Stakeholders Committee before the twenty-fours (24) hours had transpired and before there was even agreement to issue a public statement on the revised rankings. It is even more disheartening that the press release was issued before Red Unlimited was provided with the requested information on scoring and tabulation.

Notwithstanding the actions of the CBA/Stakeholders Committee, Red Unlimited wishes to express its appreciation to its sponsors, revellers and supporters for the support given. Red Unlimited would also like to congratulate the winners in all categories.   Red Unlimited gives its assurance that it will continue relentlessly to raise the standard and transform the expression of Lucian mas.

Castries, St. Lucia, W.I.

Tel: (758) 519 6542



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