Results for Carnival 2k12 Band of the Year changed


CASTRIES, Saint Lucia, 19th July 2012: A special meeting of the St. Lucia Carnival Bands Association (The SLCBA) was convened last night to address matters regarding the Band of the Year results announced yesterday Wednesday July 18th. The duly constituted meeting comprised Executive Members and two-thirds majority of members and in good standing. In attendance were the Chairman of the Select Committee of Stakeholders and the Judges Coordinator.

The meeting was necessary because the results announced earlier were determined by adding together each competitor’s points for band portrayal plus points granted for individual costumes presented in the Monday parade.

This methodology has been confirmed to be incorrect as the SLCBA formally agreed since July 2011, not to add the two sets of scores together in determining the Band of the Year ranking.

This accounting error was confirmed by the Judges Coordinator.

As a result of the foregoing, the Select Committee of Stakeholders has directed the Judges Coordinator to tabulate the scores in accordance with the agreed methodology.

The outcome of this exercise is detailed below and represents the final result of the 2012 Band of the Year competition.

Rituals remained victorious with their 2012 portrayal “Nubia On The Nile”

1st Place: Rituals Carnival: (402 points)

2nd Place: St. Lucian Spirit: (391 points)

3rd Place: Just for Fun: (366 points)

4th Place: Royalites (350 points)

5th Place: Red International (348 points)

6th Place: Toxic Nation (332 points)

7th Place: Looshan Revellers (301 points)

8th Place: Lucian TNT Connection (251 points)

9th Place: Cosy Guzzlers (234 points)

Previously the top five bands were :

1st: Rituals “Nubia of the Nile”

2nd: Red Unlimited “Karnaval La Wives”

3rd: St. Lucian Spirit “Legacy of Emperor Quin Shi Huang”

4th: Royalites Extreme ” Carnival Is”

5th: Looshan Revellers “Behind the Mask”


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