Lucian Soca Rules St. Vincent Roadmarch


Rum Please – Road March and 2nd place Soca Monarch, SVG carnival 2012

Local music production companies continue to making strides regionally this Carnival season. The latest is Slaughter Arts Media which won the 2012 Road March title in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.The song entitled “Rum Please” sang by Fya Empress also secured the second spot in the St. Vincent Soca Monarch Competition.

Co- Producer Nigel Nicholas says the song “Rum Please” was produced under a rhythm called “The Castries Habor Riddim”. This he says was especially chosen in order to give the island greater recognition.

However, Nicholas says he is thrilled by the accomplishment and hopes it’s only the tip of the iceberg, but he says a lot of work has to be done by local artistes in order for them to compete successfully on the regional music scene.

“When we work with the foreign artistes, we notice a marked difference in their approach as opposed to Saint Lucian artistes, in terms of the marketing of the music, the amount of time the artistes spend promoting their songs. In Saint Lucia we have a lot of good artistes but some of them are vey lazy. Some of them have good songs, including some potential hit songs but they don’t put as much energy behind their songs as perhaps the foreign artistes do. Next year we are hoping to get at least two people who are serious and whom we feel we could work with, to get the same results we got in Saint Vincent.”

The Saint Vincent 2012 Road March title is a first for the two producers Nigel Nicholas and Patrice Regis of Slaughter Arts Media.


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