1st Ever Junior Carnival Princess Pageant


 The Cultural Development Foundation in collaboration with the Lions Club of Castries will be hosting the first ever Junior Carnival Princess Pageant as part of Junior Carnival 2012.

The main objectives of this event are to:

Just Us Kids is one of the more vibrant and successful junior Carnival bands

provide an activity that would execute fun and enjoyment for the youth.

encourage young people to develop self-empowerment.

to enhance junior carnival activities.

be part of the carnival experience.

Six young ladies will grace the stage on Wednesday July 4th at the National Cultural Centre from 2:00 p.m. The young princesses are between the ages of nine to twelve years and are expected to represent their band in three appearance namely (1) Costume (2) Princess Gown, and Talent.

Coordinator of the event Mrs. Barbara du Boulay is very enthusiastic to execute this new initiative, as she explains that the participating junior bands leaders are very excited to showcase the talents and skills of this particular age.

The princess representing their bands are (i) Princess Seryee Henry, Ms Two Days of Peace (2) Princess Kitana Naptune Ms. Zodiac, (3) Princess Niah Thomas, Ms. Extreme Kiddies, (4) Princess Kershel Smith Ms. Just Us Kids, (5) Princess Leean Joseph, Ms Charmalion (6) Princess Tyler Paul, Ms. Dynamic Kids.

The traditional Junior Carnival festivity is another activity that offers children a day to call ‘their own’. On Sunday July 8th, the stage is theirs to jump and wave. Children from all over the island representing schools and private mas groups parade in the streets of Castries before converging at Vigie Complex to engage in clean, wholesome and unforgettable fun. This is the opportunity for parents to beam with pride and excitement as their children express themselves culturally.

The Junior Carnival parade starts from the Derek Walcott Square at 1:30 pm and the main event at the Vigie Sports Complex starts at 2:00 pm.


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