Carnival Stakeholders Committee Takes the Wheel


Three calypso and soca shows are set to take the stage this week under the control of the Select Committee of Stakeholders, as carnival revs up toward its final stages.

Calypso Semi-Finals Sunday 1st July 2012

Artistes   Tents  
Ally Kat De Revue
Blaze De Revue
Patience De Revue
Sherpard De Revue
Taker De Revue
Bingo Ambassadors
Davis Ambassadors
Educator Ambassadors
Kendal John Ambassadors
Ashanti Take Over Tent
Herb Black Take Over Tent
Invader Soca Village
Julie B Soca Village
Ti Caro Soca Village
Walleigh Soca Village
Journalist South Tent
Mary G South Tent
Nintus South Tent

 Groovy Monarch Preliminaries

The following artistes will compete in the preliminary round for the Groovy Monarch taking place this Wednesday June 27, 2012 at Spinners from 5:30 pm.









NG SOCA Jonathan MATHURIN J-Budz Come   Here
Christopher HUNTE Shadok Teacher
Teddyson JOHN Teddyson   John Land   of Whine
Callix XAVIER Kakal Saltfish
Latoya LEWIS Toya Got   it for You
Kerwin BOWERS Private   Six Brace
Sergia CHARLES Sergie Doh   Tell Me Nuttin
Melissa MOSES Q-Pid Wife   Material
Kwency GRIFFITH Superman   HD Return   of Bacchanal
Marley JAMES Mongster St   Lucia We Love
Daesean GERMAINE D’Sean Love   How You Whinin
Andra HENRY HP Panty   & Bra
SOCA VILLAGE Stephen EDMUND Esteban Love   on D Road
Dean ROBERTS Dean   Roberts We   Fete-ing
SOUTH TENT Elijah ALLAIN Arthur Noboday   Can Party Like We
Benjamin ALEXANDER Benje Bring   dat Bumpa
Alleyn COLLYMORE Ally   Kyatt Whine   on Somebody
Aagee SIMPSON AG Chipping
Cornelia JACOB Animator To   da Front
Damian VANDROQUE Richie   V Ba   Mwen ah Ti Bo
Verna GEORGE T-Girl Sweetest   Time
SPECTRUM  Valentine MOISE Mubarak Mas   we Come to Play
TAKE OVER Marianne GREE Marianne Text   Buddy
Ambrose JOSEPH Ambi Roll
Wenhal GERALD Alpha Bodyguard
Ronald DARIUS Ronald   Darius All   Night Long

Party Monarch Preliminaries, Friday June 29, 2012

The following artistes will compete in the preliminary round for the Party Monarch taking place this Friday June 29, 2012, from 5:30 pm at Spinners.

Name   Sobriquet   Tent   Song  
1 Curtis   St Louis Brownsman De   Revue Madness   on de Road
2 Kethid   Henry Soca   Syco Gallop
3 GI   Fox Mad   Man Jam
4 Kiedal   Sonny RK   Sonny Soca   Sick
5 Verna   George T-Girl South Water   Pressure
6 Julianna   Charles Julianna Ambassadors Clear   de Way
7 Valentine   Moise Mubarak Spectrum Bump   on It
8 Ambroise   Joseph Ambi Take   Over Chanting
9 Gregor   Damaze Damaze Carnival   Time
10 Wenhal   Gerald Alpha D   Sweeter D Better
11 Nelson   Barnes Orion Soca   Village Pretty   Gyal Whine
12 Shep   Dwag Party   All de Way
13 Jan   Jah Rade Dem   Cah Stop We
14 Top   Cat You   Have Bleight
15 Skinny Sickness   Take Over
16 Miguel   Monrose Mysterio NG   Soca We   Ready
17 Eustace   Francis Exodus Round   de Islands
18 Callix   Xavier Kakal Marcocotte
19 Sedale   Semei Sedale Tear   it Apart
20 Marley   James Mongster Ah   Been Waiting
21 Sergia   Charles Sergie Ah   Drunk
22 Jonathan   Mathurin J-Budz More   Mad
23 Samantha   Combie Soca   Princess Fit
24 Daesean   Germaine D’Sean Born   Brave
25 Melissa   Moses Q-Pid Release   de Kraken
26 Kwency   Griffith Superman   HD Born   to Mash Up
27 Lance   Mongroo Sir   Lancelot Do   Anything
28 Neil   Gittens Ilah   Man Party   Mash Up
29 Marvin   Joseph Crocadile Bad   Bad Head
30 Teddyson   John Teddyson   John Gone   Clear

 The dipping process for the party and soca preliminaries have taken place and rehearsals have got underway.

Soca artistes have been asked this year to sign an agreement to abide by the Rules of Competition adopted by the St Lucia Calypso Association (2009) and the Select Committee of Stakeholders. This arose out of concern over the possibility of disruptive behavior from fans at these events, which some felt was urged on by soca artistes.


Chairman: John Joseph – Tel: 716-1584    Administration: Caron Tobiere – Tel: 520-0989

P.O. Box CP 5405, Castries, Saint Lucia, W.I.

Tel: 1 (758) 452-1859 Fax: 1 (758) 459-0615



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