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Saint Lucia Hosts UK Grand Fam


‘40 travel agents gain first-hand knowledge of what the island has to offer’

SAINT LUCIA (June 27, 2012)– The Saint Lucia Tourist Board (SLTB)

Agents participating in a buyers/sellers seminar with industry partners at the Sandals Grande.

continues its thrust to ensure travel agent partners learn more about the island’s offerings. Following the successful hosting of a US Grand Fam, the island is playing host to 40 travel agents from the United Kingdom (UK), Saint Lucia’s second largest source market.

From June 21 to July 1, 40 travel agents will have the opportunity to visit the island’s resorts and attractions and enjoy a first-hand experience of what the island has to offer their clients. The grand fam agents specialize in targeted niche market sectors namely weddings and honeymoon; nature and adventure; luxury; and family oriented travel.

Tourism Minister Lorne Theophilus says he is happy about the arrival of the British travel agents, as they remain frontline advocates for Saint Lucia in swaying public opinion.

“Through their intimate knowledge of the island, our many resorts and hotel offering, tours, sites and attractions, we ensure that we equip them with the latest information to ensure that they in turn help keep Saint Lucia ‘top of mind’ for consumers. From the UK market Saint Lucia is easily accessible on British Airways and Virgin Atlantic.

As the island’s second largest market, the UK recorded a 16 percent increase in stay over arrivals for the first quarter of 2012. During that period Saint Lucia recorded over twenty thousand (20,000) visitors from the UK.

“Given the SLTB’s targeted marketing and promotional initiatives; some of which have already been announced, and new strategies are to follow, we hope to see that growth trend continue through the year,” noted Minister Theophilus.

Along with dozens of local destination marketing companies, hoteliers, wedding planners, tour operators etc., the UK travel agents partners had the opportunity to participate in a highly specialized buyers/sellers seminar on June 25th at the Sandals Grande.

For more information about the island of Saint Lucia call 1-800 456-3984, or 1-800 4STLUCIA or visit www.saintlucianow.com



Carnival Stakeholders Committee Takes the Wheel


Three calypso and soca shows are set to take the stage this week under the control of the Select Committee of Stakeholders, as carnival revs up toward its final stages.

Calypso Semi-Finals Sunday 1st July 2012

Artistes   Tents  
Ally Kat De Revue
Blaze De Revue
Patience De Revue
Sherpard De Revue
Taker De Revue
Bingo Ambassadors
Davis Ambassadors
Educator Ambassadors
Kendal John Ambassadors
Ashanti Take Over Tent
Herb Black Take Over Tent
Invader Soca Village
Julie B Soca Village
Ti Caro Soca Village
Walleigh Soca Village
Journalist South Tent
Mary G South Tent
Nintus South Tent

 Groovy Monarch Preliminaries

The following artistes will compete in the preliminary round for the Groovy Monarch taking place this Wednesday June 27, 2012 at Spinners from 5:30 pm.









NG SOCA Jonathan MATHURIN J-Budz Come   Here
Christopher HUNTE Shadok Teacher
Teddyson JOHN Teddyson   John Land   of Whine
Callix XAVIER Kakal Saltfish
Latoya LEWIS Toya Got   it for You
Kerwin BOWERS Private   Six Brace
Sergia CHARLES Sergie Doh   Tell Me Nuttin
Melissa MOSES Q-Pid Wife   Material
Kwency GRIFFITH Superman   HD Return   of Bacchanal
Marley JAMES Mongster St   Lucia We Love
Daesean GERMAINE D’Sean Love   How You Whinin
Andra HENRY HP Panty   & Bra
SOCA VILLAGE Stephen EDMUND Esteban Love   on D Road
Dean ROBERTS Dean   Roberts We   Fete-ing
SOUTH TENT Elijah ALLAIN Arthur Noboday   Can Party Like We
Benjamin ALEXANDER Benje Bring   dat Bumpa
Alleyn COLLYMORE Ally   Kyatt Whine   on Somebody
Aagee SIMPSON AG Chipping
Cornelia JACOB Animator To   da Front
Damian VANDROQUE Richie   V Ba   Mwen ah Ti Bo
Verna GEORGE T-Girl Sweetest   Time
SPECTRUM  Valentine MOISE Mubarak Mas   we Come to Play
TAKE OVER Marianne GREE Marianne Text   Buddy
Ambrose JOSEPH Ambi Roll
Wenhal GERALD Alpha Bodyguard
Ronald DARIUS Ronald   Darius All   Night Long

Party Monarch Preliminaries, Friday June 29, 2012

The following artistes will compete in the preliminary round for the Party Monarch taking place this Friday June 29, 2012, from 5:30 pm at Spinners.

Name   Sobriquet   Tent   Song  
1 Curtis   St Louis Brownsman De   Revue Madness   on de Road
2 Kethid   Henry Soca   Syco Gallop
3 GI   Fox Mad   Man Jam
4 Kiedal   Sonny RK   Sonny Soca   Sick
5 Verna   George T-Girl South Water   Pressure
6 Julianna   Charles Julianna Ambassadors Clear   de Way
7 Valentine   Moise Mubarak Spectrum Bump   on It
8 Ambroise   Joseph Ambi Take   Over Chanting
9 Gregor   Damaze Damaze Carnival   Time
10 Wenhal   Gerald Alpha D   Sweeter D Better
11 Nelson   Barnes Orion Soca   Village Pretty   Gyal Whine
12 Shep   Dwag Party   All de Way
13 Jan   Jah Rade Dem   Cah Stop We
14 Top   Cat You   Have Bleight
15 Skinny Sickness   Take Over
16 Miguel   Monrose Mysterio NG   Soca We   Ready
17 Eustace   Francis Exodus Round   de Islands
18 Callix   Xavier Kakal Marcocotte
19 Sedale   Semei Sedale Tear   it Apart
20 Marley   James Mongster Ah   Been Waiting
21 Sergia   Charles Sergie Ah   Drunk
22 Jonathan   Mathurin J-Budz More   Mad
23 Samantha   Combie Soca   Princess Fit
24 Daesean   Germaine D’Sean Born   Brave
25 Melissa   Moses Q-Pid Release   de Kraken
26 Kwency   Griffith Superman   HD Born   to Mash Up
27 Lance   Mongroo Sir   Lancelot Do   Anything
28 Neil   Gittens Ilah   Man Party   Mash Up
29 Marvin   Joseph Crocadile Bad   Bad Head
30 Teddyson   John Teddyson   John Gone   Clear

 The dipping process for the party and soca preliminaries have taken place and rehearsals have got underway.

Soca artistes have been asked this year to sign an agreement to abide by the Rules of Competition adopted by the St Lucia Calypso Association (2009) and the Select Committee of Stakeholders. This arose out of concern over the possibility of disruptive behavior from fans at these events, which some felt was urged on by soca artistes.


Chairman: John Joseph – Tel: 716-1584    Administration: Caron Tobiere – Tel: 520-0989

P.O. Box CP 5405, Castries, Saint Lucia, W.I.

Tel: 1 (758) 452-1859 Fax: 1 (758) 459-0615

Email: luciancarnival2012@yahoo.com

Government Takes the Lead in Vat Preparation for Small Businesses


The Government of Saint Lucia announced yesterday that it will make available seven hundred and seventy-eight thousand, eight hundred and seventy dollars and thirty-two cents ($778,870.32) for a Small Business Sector VAT Preparedness Project, to commence in June. This announcement was made by Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony while addressing a session of the House of Assembly on Tuesday June 27, 2012.

A number of key stakeholders have partnered to design and develop a programme aimed at providing much needed assistance to the Medium, Small and Micro Enterprise sector in transitioning to the VAT readiness, thus enhancing the successful implementation of the new system of taxation.

The Ministry of Commerce, Business Development, Investment and Consumer Affairs, in collaboration with the VAT Implementation Unit, the Small Enterprise Development Unit and the Office of Private Sector Relations have forged an alliance to develop this package of assistance to the small business sector in order to ensure that small businesses face minimal difficulties during the implementation period of VAT.

The components of the ten (10) week programme include:

(1)    Provision of VAT ready accounting software to businesses at no charge;

(2)    Provision of training to Business Development Officers of the Ministry of Commerce;

(3)    Provision of training to staff of businesses on the use of accounting software at no charge;

(4)    Provision of technical assistance on software usage to small business after training at no charge.

It is anticipated that approximately one thousand five hundred (1500) participants will benefit from the project which will be made available throughout the island by using venues in Gros-Islet, Castries, Dennery, Vieux-Fort and Soufriere.


OECS To Assess How Much People Know About Climate Change


(OECS Secretariat, Castries Saint Lucia) The Organisation of East Caribbean States (OECS) has begun a survey to assess people’s knowledge of climate change and its related issues. The survey will also measure whether citizens of the OECS care about climate change and what personal changes, if any, they are making to reduce the predicted impacts of climate change.

 This is the first study of its kind to be done by the OECS Secretariat with an estimated 500 persons targeted in each of the six independent Member States. The study will be conducted through a consulting firm, Kairi Consultants Ltd. The consultants have already begun collecting data in Saint Lucia and will continue through for a period of three weeks. Data collection will also take place in Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, St. Kitts and Nevis, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines from the end of June through to July 2012.

During the data collection process, trained local interviewers, working on behalf the Consultants will administer face-to-face questionnaires across each of these OECS Member States. The local interviewers will also seek information on media consumption patterns of respondents – this is to determine where, how and from whom they obtain climate change information and what their media preferences for such information are.

The results of the survey will be used to guide future public awareness programs on climate change issues in the OECS and for developing and strengthening climate change adaptation policies and activities. The information gathered will also provide the OECS with baseline knowledge that will be used to facilitate behaviour change among local populations most vulnerable to the predicted impacts of climate change.

The final report of the survey is due to be completed in September 2012. It will present an analysis of respondents’ knowledge, attitudes and practices related to climate change.


Piton, Official Beer and Proud Sponsor of Looshan Mas!


On Monday June 25, 2012 Piton Beer, declared the official beer of Saint Lucia’s carnival for a number of years now, made its official presentation to the various entities being sponsored by the brand. To celebrate the occasion, a presentation was held at the WLBL office, Vide Bouteille where brand manager Rohan Lovence noted the involvement of Piton which he indicated was now synonymous with carnival.“It is almost hard to imagine Saint Lucia carnival without Piton,” the Piton brand manager said. “Let me proudly state that we are the official beer of carnival 2012 and carnival is in all of us and that by extension Piton Beer is as well,” he went on to say.

Piton Sponsorship Recipients with brand manager for Piton and WLBL Marketing Manager

From the national and community events, the bands, the fetes, the competitions, J’ouvert to last lap on July 17, Piton will be with this year’s carnival product all the way.

Quite apart from announcing on Monday its sponsorship to the main carnival body through the carnival stakeholders committee, Piton presented checks to a number of Carnival entities as well. These included the Just 4 Fun carnival band, Red Unlimited, Toxik Nation carnival band and Rituals. And, under the Piton Malta brand the Extreme Junior carnival band is also being supported.

Where the Community Carnivals are concerned Piton is throwing support behind Vieux Fort Carnival, Soufriere Carnival, Anse La Raye and Dennery.

Piton Beer is once again behind the RCI event Piton Party in the Yard as well as its very own Piton Soca Starz which concludes this Saturday June 30th in Vieux Fort at the WLBL car park.

To keep the Carnival momentum going a number of media programs have been integral and some are being sponsored by Piton. These include Mas Fever on HTS, Carnival Central on RCI and Piton Boom Shot on the Wave.

Piton is also on board with a number of events for Carnival 2012 including NG Soca Stage, Outrageous Sexy in black, Cooler Lime, Wet fete (Samaans Park), and Skin out Wet Fete in Vieux Fort.

Carnival will climax with the presence of Piton Carnival Monday morning at J’ouvert with the Mudsters J’ouvert band and on the road come carnival Monday the carnival route will be adorned with Piton paraphernalia and signage as well as a number of new and exciting innovations.

Rohan Lovence on Monday reiterated Piton’s firm commitment and involvement in Saint Lucia carnival as the proud and official award winning brew Piton Beer Sa Nou Memn!


Drugs and Firearms Seized


Eradication Exercise

 On Tuesday 19th June 2012, a joint eradication exercise was conducted by the Special Services Unit of the northern and southern division of the island on a Marijuana plantation at the Des Cartier rainforest in Micoud.

A total of 226 grown Marijuana plants were destroyed in addition to 130 seedlings. Also recovered in a wooden hut on the plantation were a .25 Pistol and 45.4 kg of dry Cannabis which was seized by the officers.

No one was arrested during that exercise.


Dennery men arrested for drugs

 On Friday 22nd June 2012, about 6:00 pm, Officers attached to the Traffic Department while conducting a traffic check along the Bexon Highway intercepted a black motor cycle registration number PB 832 driven by 32 year old Martin Shortie of La Caye, Dennery. At the time he was accompanied by a pillion rider, 15 year old Marlon Lewis both of the same address

A search was conducted on both individuals. A quantity of Marijuana was found strapped to the body of Martin Shortie and a separate quantity was discovered in a back pack carried by Marlon Lewis.

On Sunday 24th June, 2012, both individuals were charged for the offences of Possession of a Control Drug and Possession with the Intent to Supply a Control Drug.

They will be taken before the court on Tuesday 26th June, 2012 to answer to the said charges.


La Croix youth caught with a firearm

 On Friday 22nd June 2012, about 4:50 pm, Officers attached to Traffic Department acting upon information, conducted a search on the person of 22 year old Cletus Mitchel of La Croix Maingot. At the time of the search he was standing along the La Croix Maingot Road when a 9mm Pistol SR# B00329 was recovered on his body.

Cletus Mitchel was arrested and charged on Friday 22nd June 2012 for the offence of Possession of Firearm.

He will be taken before the court on Tuesday 26th June 2012 to answer to the said charge.