Press Statement: Select Committee of Stakeholders For Carnival on Awarding Broadcast Rights


(25th June 2012) The Select Committee of Stakeholders for Carnival (The Stakeholders Committee) as the executive producers of Carnival and thus the management of broadcast rights for all the activities that fall within its consideration, has acted at all times in a transparent and open manner in the sole interest of Carnival in accordance with its mandate.

Chairman of the Carnival Stakeholders Committee John Joseph (R) with CDF Board member MacStephen Aubertin (L)

On Saturday June 9th the Committee concluded deliberations after a number of meetings to consider offers received to contract for broadcast rights for Carnival 2012 and each offer was considered on its merits. Following review and consideration of these offers the Committee concluded, unanimously, that the best interests of carnival 2012 will be served by retaining the services of the media house which has been awarded the contract.

Following its decision, and in an effort to strengthen the national awareness of the Community Carnivals, the Committee decided to offer another Media House a license to cover the Community Carnival events; the Media House declined the offer and indicated it wished to cover ALL national events.

In a further effort to accommodate that Media House, the Committee asked the company that was awarded the contract to voluntarily relinquish its right to cover one major national event and offered that national event to the Media House as an incentive to cover the Community Carnivals. The Media House failed to respond to this offer of accommodation and instead resorted to threats of legal action against the Committee.

The Committee is satisfied and reiterates that its procedure for the selection of service providers is fair, open and non-discriminatory and works in the best interests of carnival.


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