Big Mike’s Book: STAY NATURAL STAY HEALTHY now at Sunshine Bookshop


Touted as the next bestsleer, Big Mike’s Book: STAY NATURAL STAY HEALTHY was launched the last week of November 2011 and is already a big seller in Trinidad & Tobago, & other parts of the Caribbean. The book is now available in Saint Lucia at Sunshine Bookshop.
Booksellers say the book reveals dietary changes women should make to overcome FIBROIDS, OVARIAN CYSTS and POLYCYSTIC OVARIAN SYNDROME. “Find out that FAT is not the real culprit behind being OVERWEIGHT. Men, find out how to treat with your Prostate problems naturally. Big Mike also reveals some juicing recipes and walks you through your backyard and to the market in order to make use of herbs such as: Chadon Beni, Fever grass, Caraili and Cayenne Pepper to name a few. Read how Big Mike compares the value of our Coconut Water against Cranberry Juice. This book is loaded with tips on reversing DIABETES through dietary and lifestyle changes. Find out why you should never eat uncooked ONION that was left exposed, even in your refrigerator, AND THERE IS SO MUCH MORE.
“Get your copy of this book now and begin to take some simple inexpensive actions that will change the way you and your family approach basic health issues. Let the foods in the MARKET, using your BLENDER and your JUICER save you money on health problems.”


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