Shooting Incident at Spinners – Joint Statement


Friday 8th June 2012

The Management of Spinners Night Club and Sound City International wish to publicly extend our deepest sympathy to Mr Winsbert Andrew his family and friends for the injuries he sustained as a result of the shooting incident which took place at the Club on Wednesday during our Double Jeopardy Event.  As owner of the venue and Organizers of the event we will do whatever is necessary and within our means to ensure that Mr. Andrew has a complete and speedy recovery.  We wish to also extend sincere apologies to the patrons of the event.

Until last Thursday morning Spinners Night Club and Sound City International had enjoyed an impeccable safety record at all events, as well as a reputation as one of the most secure and respectable venues on the island.  This achievement was made possible through the implementation of strict security and crown control measures, which will certainly be maintained.  It must however be noted, that there was no security reach or failure during the Double Jeopardy event.  The firearm was discharged by its licensed owner who was checked a security and provided all necessary documentation upon request. The incident was an irresponsible act and both Spinners Night Club and Sound City International wish to publicly condemn this action.

Once again we do apologize for this most unusual development and take this opportunity to remind users, potential users and the general public that the safety of patrons is and will remain our number one priority.  Any anticipated threat to the welfare of patrons before, during and after any of our events will be dealt with swiftly and in accordance with the laws of St Lucia and the strict regulations of the club.  The Royal St Lucia Police Force will continue to be our main pillar of support at all events.

We are hopeful that St Lucians will enjoy a safe and enjoyable carnival 2012 and thank the many well-wishers and patrons who offered encouragement and support during this very challenging period. We look forward to seeing you at our next event.

Albert Joseph                                                     Edmund Wilkie

Manager                                                              Manager/ Owner

Spinners Night Club                                        Sound City International


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