TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence


The Fond Doux Holiday Plantation resort in the old colonial town of Soufrière, St. Lucia has been awarded a top honour from one of the world’s largest travel sites.

Lyton & Eroline Lamontagne

TripAdvisor, congratulated the Fond Doux Holiday Plantation on earning the prestigious 2012 Certificate of Excellence Award. They also noted that their travelers consistently commended the Resort with the highest praise, and TripAdvisor recognizes Fond Doux’s 4.5 rating as an exceptional achievement. TripAdvisor has also instructed the owners of Fond Doux to “display their award proudly and in a place where your guests can see it, as only the very best in the business are awarded a Certificate of Excellence.”

A delighted Mr. Lyton Lamontagne and his wife Mrs. Eroline Lamontagne, the general manager of the award-winning resort, was especially pleased with the TripAdvisor honor because “it is one of the most highly respected sites and those who write the reviews are savvy travelers of means who prefer to stay in more alluring properties with their own colorful stories.”


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