Toxic Nation Commends CDF and National Stakeholders Committee


Castries,St Lucia,June 2,2012  – TOXIK Nation carnival band wishes to extend special commendations to the Cultural Development Foundation (CDF) and the National Stakeholders Committee for a successful launch of Carnival 2012.

Last Sunday`s staging of the event at Pointe Seraphine was a true expression of the colour,spender,pagentry and artistic genius that is St Lucia Carnival.

After media reviews and analysis,TOXIK Nation believes the 2012 staging of the event improved on several fronts.

The collaboration between the CDF and the National Stakeholders Committee exemplified that through strategic partnerships we can grow the island’s greatest cultural showcase – Carnival.

It is the hope of TOXIK Nation that the two entities continue to partner and use every opportunity for review to pursue the goal of improving the carnival product,despite expected challenges.

We share with the many stakeholders an expression of joy at the commitment expressed by the Government of St Lucia to the continued growth of Carnival, as articulated by the Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism,Heritage and the Creative Industries during Sunday’s launch on behalf of the Minister who was attending to other business.

TOXIK Nation also salutes the Royal St Lucia Police Force,GIS/NTN, artistes ,sponsors, patrons, volunteers, emergency personnel all other individuals and groups who contributed to a successful and safe opening of carnival.

We believe last Sunday’s event has set the stage for an enjoyable 2012 carnival season for all.

TOXIK Nation stands ready and willing to support the Cultural Development Foundation (CDF) and the National Stakeholders committee in presenting a bigger and better carnival this year.


 The band was launched in 2008, upon recognition of the need to offer carnival lovers an alternative and unique carnival experience.

That experience  however is not limited to the two days of street parade.

The band leads the way on the island by being the only carnival band to have carnival related activities all year round.

“Bacchanal by the Bay” held every Sunday at Choc beach has not only provided tremendous exposure for the band but also increase a general appreciation for carnival.

The event has grown by leaps and bounds attracting in excess of 300 patrons weekly.

Over the years the band has also become well known for its annual “Round the Island” which climaxes at the launch of Dennery carnival.

This year the band has and will continue to unveil to St Lucia several innovative ideas.

TOXIK started off with approximately 350 revellers and grew in 2011 to over 650 revellers.

This year marks the band’s fifth anniversary and as such we have re branded the product as TOXIK Nation.

The band consists of young professionals and prides itself as a party band where every reveller is treated like VIP.

Over the years TOXIK has kept its sponsors happy with innovation and quality.

These sponsors include LIME,Campari,Windward and Leeward Brewery(WLBL) and Piton amongst others.

TOXIK Nation  is committed to the growth of St Lucia’s carnival.


Shannon Lebourne

Marketing & Media Manager

TOXIK Nation



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